SSC: Course 1: Appetizer

Another erotic story from the FLOGMASTER!

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SSC: Course 1: Appetizer

(*****, F/f, Intense, caning)

A multi-course punishment. (Approximately 489 words. Originally published 2000-06.)

Sprinting, the girl didn't slow at the blue house. She leaped the white picket fence and trotted to the front door. She saw the note. It read: "Mia, come around back."

The girl hurried. Ms. Bellweather, dressed in ragged jeans and boots, was on her hands and knees in the garden, dirt up to her elbows.

"You are late."

Mia gulped. "I'm sorry Ms. Bellweather, but the soccer game went a little long."

"What is the meaning of coming dressed like that?" The woman's dark eyes shot sparks. "That's your game uniform, isn't it? Those shorts are filthy!"

"I didn't have time to--"

The headmistress cut her off with a gesture. "Why are you here, young lady?"

Mia's head went down. She spoke softly, almost like she didn't want to hear it herself. "To be punished."

"And what are you to be punished for?"

There was a pause. "'Continued disrespect and arrogance,' ma'am," the girl quoted.

"And arriving at my home for a Saturday afternoon punishment session muddy and dressed like a scamp is the utmost in disrespect and arrogance!"

"But I didn't want to be late--"

"Remove your shoes and socks immediately."

The schoolgirl looked surprised. For a second she hesitated, then sat in the dirt and pulled off her cleats and muddy socks.

"Good," said Ms. Bellweather. "If you go through the sliding glass door there, you will see the entrance to my study on the left. In a bin near the door you will find several canes. Bring me the longest and thickest ones. And hurry!"

Her mouth dry and her heart thumping, the girl scampered to obey. All to quickly she was back, presenting the slender rod to the headmistress.

"There will be plenty of caning this afternoon, Miss," said the woman. "Don't think this little dose excuses you from anything. But I must punish your arrogance at not arriving properly dressed in your school uniform. Now grasp your ankles...."

"But we're outside!"

"I can arrange extra strokes, if you'd like."

Mia bent over, the muddy shorts tightening across her youthful bum. Ms. Bellweather reached forward and tugged them still tighter, pulling until Mia squealed. She jerked a good deal of the cloth into the girl's crack, exposing the round sides of the girl's bottom.

The six cracks of the cane were extremely hard, each causing the girl to gasp and wiggle. Twice Ms. Bellweather had to reprimand the girl for fidgeting, but at least she stayed in position.

"Stand up."

Mia obeyed stiffly, her sweaty face going crimson when the woman yanked the shorts and everything underneath down to her ankles. She stood bare bottomed in the woman's back yard, six ruby weals glistening across her cheeks.

"That was just an appetizer," said Ms. Bellweather. "Now strip off these filthy clothes and go inside and take a shower. I'll be in a few minutes."

The End