SSC: Course 2: Entree

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Another erotic story from the FLOGMASTER!

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SSC: Course 2: Entree

(*****, F/f, Intense, caning)

A multi-course punishment. (Approximately 492 words. Originally published 2000-06.)

Naked, the sweaty teenage girl trotted through the house. Her bottom bore the marks of a recent thrashing, and she winced climbing into the shower. The water, initially painful, soon became soothing.

Suddenly there was a movement and the curtain was drawn. Mia stared in disbelief as a nude Ms. Bellweather climbed in.

"Stand aside, girl! There's plenty of room for two." She quickly began to rinse her skin, Mia eying the voluptuous body of the older woman enviously. "After gardening all afternoon I was nearly as filthy as you."

After a moment of hesitation, Mia soaped the headmistress' back, watching the bubbles trail down the curves of the full bottom. The woman returned the favor, washing the girl.

"Before we get out, I'll start your punishment," said Ms. Bellweather. She bent Mia over and began to spank the girl's wet bottom. Mia squealed. "Oh, shush! This is nothing!"

The wet spanking was a long one. Ms. Bellweather spanked until the hot water was gone, and then, shivering, the two emerged and embraced large fuzzy towels and dried off. But only the woman was permitted to dress.

Nude, Mia was led into Ms. Bellweather's study. Here she knelt on a stuffed chair and thrust out her bum for numerous smacks from a leather-soled slipper.

Bottom pink and sore, she was ordered into the kitchen and presented with a bucket of soapy water and a cloth.

"Clean the floor."

It was humiliating, crawling around naked. Mia's bottom gleamed brightly from her spankings. Ms. Bellweather encouraged her occasionally with smacks to her thighs with a large wooden spoon.

After the kitchen and bathroom floors had been cleaned, Mia was given another spanking, this time with a hairbrush, and put in the corner for an hour. A long painful paddling with a large flat board followed, nude Mia writhing over the back of the sofa.

Weeping miserably, Mia was taken to Ms. Bellweather's room and told to lie on the bed and take a nap. She didn't think she could sleep, but she was exhausted, and slept for a half hour, until called for supper.

The meal was light: a creamy chicken soup with fresh bread and a salad with several kinds of greens and honey mustard dressing. Mia ate heartily, though she fidgeted often in her seat. Ms. Bellweather watched her with a smile.

"Ready for the entree, dear?" she asked as she cleared the table.

"There's more!" gasped the girl. She groaned and her eyes watered when she saw the leather strap in the headmistress' hand.

The strapping made the earlier caning seem pleasant. Ms. Bellweather gave Mia four dozen of the best, leaving thick welts from the top of her crack to her knees.

"Still feeling arrogant and disrespectful?"

Mia could only weep.

"Good. Now go take a long bath then we'll have dessert."

Mia didn't dare ask what Ms. Bellweather meant by that!

The End

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