SSC: Course 3: Dessert

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Another erotic story from the FLOGMASTER!

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SSC: Course 3: Dessert

(*****, F/f, Intense, caning)

A multi-course punishment. (Approximately 484 words. Originally published 2000-06.)

Mia lounged in the warm water of the bath until her skin was glossy and the pain of her legs and buttocks was subdued.

Ms. Bellweather appeared at the door with a soft terry cloth robe, which Mia gratefully accepted.

"Let's go to my study," said the woman. "We've got a caning to administer."

Legitimately terrified, Mia's legs felt like 500 ton weights. It took all her strength to follow the woman.

In the study, Ms. Bellweather selected two canes. Mia saw that one was a thin junior cane. It would sting but not bruise. The other was the senior she'd already tasted.

"Your tardiness earned you an extra caning. Please select the one you'd like me to use. I will warn you, regardless of your choice, you will be receiving a thorough dose of the senior cane before you leave tonight."

Naturally, Mia chose the junior. She was then told she'd receive four dozen strokes. On each inner thigh, an area neglected by the leather strap.

Mia was to place one leg a chair and lift her robe. This left her standing leg exposed. The next ten minutes were grueling, as she struggled to remain in position, while the junior cane endlessly flicked the sensitive flesh of her inner thigh. Then she was forced to repeat the experience with her right leg.

"Would you like a break before your caning?" asked Ms. Bellweather.

"Oh, please, I can't take any more!" gasped Mia. "Please let me go. I've been punished enough, haven't I?"

"I promised you a hard caning young lady, and I keep my promises. If you'd arrived on time and dressed properly, you would have saved yourself a great deal of pain."

Ms. Bellweather dished out ice cream and the two sat and ate and watched a television program. It was almost pleasant, except Mia's poor bottom throbbed and the pit in her stomach reminded her constantly that her afternoon of punishment wasn't over.

Finally Ms. Bellweather turned off the television. She drew Mia across her lap. Lifting the robe, she studied the girl's backside. It was a nice plump girlish bottom, not as full as it would be, but delightfully firm. The surface was raw and welted in places, but there was room for improvement.

"I'll warm you up before your caning," she said, and proceeded to deliver what Mia could only describe as the worst spanking of her life. An hour of waiting in the corner afterward did not change her opinion of the matter.

"Time for dessert," said Ms. Bellweather. She brandished the long senior cane.

Mia whimpered. Tearfully, she took off the robe and got into position. "How... how many?" she asked, dreading the answer.

"We'll start with a dozen of the best," said the headmistress. "But you know how young ladies are about dessert... they always ask for seconds."

The End

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