SSC: The Concubine

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Another erotic story from the FLOGMASTER!

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SSC: The Concubine

(****, M/F, Severe, Historical, beating)

A couple beat their concubine. (Approximately 500 words. Originally published 2000-06.)

As Sir Elgar prepared for bed that evening, he gave his wife "the Look." She nodded meekly and rang the bell. She instructed the butler to fetch the concubine.

When the girl tapped Lady Jess allowed her to enter. This concubine was new; it was her first night in the master's bedchamber and she was openly nervous. Lady Jess immediately saw why her husband was eager: the girl was very young, but of voluptuous figure.

Sir Elgar smiled at the girl and immediately ordered her to disrobe. Trembling, she obeyed. Naked, she was even more impressive. Large, full breasts jutted from her chest, without the slightest hint of sag, and her hips were wide and extremely rounded. A rather scarce patch of dark curls covered her pubic mound, allowing the thick lips of her sex to peek through.

"Excellent," muttered Sir Elgar. The Lady clucked and made her way to the special wardrobe, which she threw open with a flourish.

A small cry of dismay escaped the concubine. Sir Elgar laughed and tosseled her lovely hair.

Inside the wardrobe hung dozens of lashes, leather thongs, wooden paddles, bundles of birches, and rods of various lengths and weights.

Lady Jess retired to the bed to prepare herself while Sir Elgar stood before the wardrobe contemplating his choices. The concubine stood naked and quivering in the center of the room.

Selecting several instruments, Sir Elgar ordered the girl over the end of the bed. She draped herself gingerly, her breathing irregular. The plump cheeks of her buttocks were obscenely arched over the footboard.

The master, after adjusting his garment, which had grown tight in a particular area, began to spank the proffered flesh of the girl with his hand. He spanked hard and fast, and thoroughly: in minutes the expanse of the girl's backside glowed pink.

Next, Sir Elgar paddled the cheeks crimson with a small wooden paddle with a circular blade. With every wallop the girl gasped and moaned and writhed beautifully, but she was too well-trained to break position.

There was another pause while Sir Elgar adjusted his clothing again, and then he continued the flagellation with a wide leather strap. The girl shrieked at every blow. Soon her buttocks were scarlet with purple creases where welts had formed.

Sir Elgar was almost ready: several strokes with the long rattan, each leaving a parallel weal, was all that it took.

Panting heavily with excertion and eagerness, Sir Elgar dismissed the concubine (who limped away weeping) and leaped into the marriage bed with the enthusiasm of a twenty-year-old.

The fucking was hard and brutal and Lady Jess was more than displeased with the sluty concubine -- damn that bitch for arousing her husband so! She groaned in pain as he thrust cruelly into her and resolved to give the tramp a good beating on the morrow. That thought pleased her so much she was able to endure her husband's ministrations with the appropriate wifely smile.

The End

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