SSC: Selection Committee

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Another erotic story from the FLOGMASTER!

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SSC: Selection Committee

(****, F/F, Intense, paddling)

Sorority sisters plot. (Approximately 480 words. Originally published 2000-06.)

"Well?" Andrea looked at Sherry with arched eyebrows.

Sherry frowned. "I'm not fully convinced."

"What's missing? She's shy, studious, too naive to realize how pretty she is, and she's _dying_ to get in a sorority. Her parents haven't any money, so she can't buy her way in -- we're her only choice!"

"Are you sure she's pliable?"

"There's only one way to know for _sure_," laughed Andrea. "But I'd say absolutely. And she's got a _great_ ass!"

Several others on the committee smiled at this, and Sherry nodded. "All right. Send her in."

Commands were issued and a moment later the door opened to admit a young girl. She was pretty in an unsophisticated, country way, with a face and body brimming with health. She smiled shyly, digging at the carpet with her toe.

"Initiate Morganna," said Sherry, "it is my understanding you'd like to join our sorority. Is that correct?"

"Yes, oh yes!" gasped the girl eagerly.

"I'm sure you are aware, we can't just admit anyone. Our standards are extremely selective."

The girl nodded, uncertainty flooding her face.

"Many of the factors in the selection process are completely outside of your control. For instance, in your case, you're not the relative of a former sister."

Morganna looked crushed.

"However," continued Sherry, "there are certain traits which we value highly, which might make up for lacking in other areas. One of these is loyalty. Are you loyal?"

"Oh, yes!"

"You'd never report any of your sisters to anyone but the sisterhood?"

"Oh no, never!"

"You'd be obedient to our demands, no matter how seemingly unreasonable?"

"Of course."

"Hmmm. Are you ready to prove that?"

Fear and sweat dripped off the brow of the young girl, but she nodded vigorously. "Yes."

"Good," smiled Sherry. "Then remove your clothing."

The silence was cold, a dozen eyes glowing as the girl trembled. For thirty long seconds she didn't move, then she began to undress. She moved haltingly, uncertain and embarrassed, but she obeyed. She stood blushing, her body exposed.

Sherry made her hold her arms above her head, then slowly rotate. Indeed, Andrea's comments about Morganna's fine ass were not exaggerated. The cheeks were full and round, just begging to be spanked. Sherry couldn't wait. She hurried forward with the paddle and began to whack the plump bottom.

Morganna whimpered and moaned, but didn't protest. After a dozen hard wallops, Sherry massaged the crimson skin with her hand.

"If we let you in," she whispered, "you'll be paddled every day."

The girl looked startled and afraid, but nodded.

"HARD paddlings."

Again Morganna nodded.

"And we'll make you do disgusting sex things," added Andrea.

Morganna gave a slight shudder, then closed her eyes and nodded. "It's okay," she whispered. "I wanna join."

"Good," said Sherry, hefting the paddle. "Now stick out that ass... we're gonna take turns!"

The End

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