SSC: The Class Schedule

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Another erotic story from the FLOGMASTER!

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SSC: The Class Schedule

(*****, ?/f, Intense, spanking)

A schoolgirl tries to figure out the ideal class schedule. (Approximately 473 words. Originally published 2000-06.)

"Ah," sighed Mandy. "It's perfect."

"What is?"

"My class schedule. I worked it all out. Nice mix of good and bad classes. See?"

She handed it to her older sister Sara who studied it critically. "I see you start off with Watkins in history. Is that such a good idea?"

"Sure. Why not?"

"Do you really want to start the day with a slippering?"

"Oh, right. I guess I should save history for later."

"And here you've got Mrs. Jacoby right after Mr. Whiler!"

Mandy looked nervous. "Is that a problem?"

"You hate maths. You're sure to get a whacking from Whiler nearly every day."

"I can't help that! The man's a brute. He loves to use the paddle any chance he gets."

"Of course. But you've put English right after. You know what a bitch Jacoby is about spelling and grammar..."

"I heard one hairbush whack per mistake."

Sarah snorted triumphantly. "And you want _that_ after a paddling from Whiler? With your spelling skills?"

"I'll change it, I'll change it!" gasped Mandy, horrified.

"And I see you've drawn Ms. Elera for gym -- I wouldn't plan on sitting much after her class."

"She's strict?"

"She always gives you a choice: a whacking or laps. Which would you chose?"

Mandy shuddered. "I hate laps."

"Good choice. Her laps are timed so if you aren't quick enough, you always get whacked any way."

"She use the slipper?"

"Naw, a wooden paddle. Unless you're really in trouble, then it's the cane!"

"What about Mr. Leeds," Mandy asked. "I've never heard of him."

"No one has. He's new. I hear he's strict, though. Someone saw him hanging up a leather tawse by his chalkboard. Wouldn't count on him being light." Sara paused. "Now this is good -- I see you saved Mattison for last class."

"God yes," muttered Mandy. "Everyone gets caned by him. I heard last term he flogged Eleanor Bright and we all know what an saint she is."

Sara nodded wisely. "She'd never even been _slippered_ before that. I'd was hoping she'd make a fuss about her caning but she took it like a pro. Damned disgusting. And only once the whole term! Mattison gave me over a dozen."

"So does this look better?"

"Well, it's not terrible, but you really should have tried to get Keller for French instead of Deschamps. He's a real bastard."

"Keller's filled up. I checked."

"It's about the best you can do then. At least you've got lunch between Whiler and Jacoby. If you keep up with your French you shouldn't be too sore for Whiler's. He's a guaranteed sore bum. Starting off with Leeds is a gamble, but it's better than Elera."

"Thanks sis!" Mandy gave Sara a hug. "Devising a decent class schedule's such a pain in the ass."

The End

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