SSC: Misinformation

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Another erotic story from the FLOGMASTER!

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SSC: Misinformation

(****, F/F, Intense, paddling)

A sorority initiation goes awry. (Approximately 484 words. Originally published 2000-06.)

"I hope I'm wearing enough," muttered Darla. "Good thing I got that tip about the initiation, eh?"

Debi didn't answer for she was in the middle of a battle with her jeans, desperately attempting to pull them up over her ass. She finally managed but it took several deep breaths and a lot of pulling to button the fly.

"I've just made it," she sighed, and the two friends departed.

They arrived at the sorority house at the same time as Amy and Jessica. Darla was giggling, for all of them were bundled up as though for winter. "We all look ridiculous!"

A hiss came from the shrubs nearby. A face peeked out. "Is the coast clear?"

"Tara?" Debi asked. "What are you doing in there?"

Slowly, a petite pale figure emerged. She was stark naked. "I--I thought w-w were s-sus-supposed to c-come in our b-bir-birthday s-suits."

Darla laughed. "You idiot! They're going to _paddle_ us! Of course they want us to come without protection! But they didn't say we _had_ to come naked. They just said we could if we wanted. I'm wearing three panties and a pair of shorts under my jeans!"

The girls laughed at poor Tara, who moaned "Oh dear," and looked ready to cry. But there was no time for lamentations as the door opened and two sisters in black robes ushered the girls inside.

They were led downstairs to the basement, which was filled with dozens of robed girls with severe expressions and large wooden paddles. The sorority leader stepped forward.

"Welcome, initiates. Tonight is the last step in your road to sisterhood. Tonight we shall see just how badly you wish to join our sorority. The rules are simple: you shall each, one by one, be paddled by a big sister. The number of swats shall be determined by the throw of two dice. After each paddling, you will remove one article of clothing. Note that paired items, like shoes, count as _two_ items.

"As to the _number_ of paddlings you will receive... that is totally dependent upon the number of articles of clothing you are wearing. I can see that only one of you has chosen to dress as we suggested. The rest of you will regret your decision, for your initiation isn't over until you've taken five paddlings completely naked."

"Shit!" exclaimed Darla, and Debi winced. She began to count: shoes, socks, two panties, shorts, sweat pants, jeans, bra, shirt, sweater... that was a dozen paddlings before she was naked! Nude little Tara would only have to take her five!

Somehow Debi was elected to go first, and she gulped as she rolled a five and a six.

"Eleven swats!" was the cry, and Debi arched her ass to received her first paddling of the evening.

"Nice advice," she hissed at Darla, who shrugged.

"Guess I was misinformed."

The End

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