SSC: Loop

Another erotic story from the FLOGMASTER!

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SSC: Loop

(****, M/F, Intense, strapping)

A woman is whipped over and over. (Approximately 487 words. Originally published 2000-06.)

Oh, the strap burned! It caught the lower portion of her ass again and again and it just burned like fire! It was like melted candlewax poured across her tender flesh. She could almost feel it hardening like a glaze over her skin. She knew it was merely the stiffness of the weals that had formed, but it was easy to imagine it was a wax coating.

She writhed and wiggled and pushed out her bottom to receive the next stroke. She couldn't help herself. It wasn't that she wanted the strap -- her bottom was plenty warm already -- but it was like she had no control over anything. The strap came and therefore she received it. That was it. Life was that simple, at least during a strapping.

Down went her head, up went her butt, and THWACK! came the strap. It was a wide piece of leather, heavy and mean, and every stroke left her ass magenta, the skin battered and wealed. Her cheeks steamed with heat and pain.

If she could have wept, she would have, but she could do nothing but put her head down and lift up her butt for the next stroke.


On and on and on. This was a hard strapping, perhaps her longest ever. Her buns must be darn near whipped clean off by now!

She concentrated. Head down, butt up. Grit teeth, endure the wave of pain. Repeat. Repeat. Repeat.

How much longer? How long had it been? An hour? Two hours? It felt like forever. How many strokes? She'd lost count around three hundred, and that had been an hour ago.

She was afraid to think what her ass looked like now. Like raw hamburger, probably. She tried to imagine her cheeks all lily white and unblemished, the way they'd been before the spanking. She knew she had a cute ass. She also knew any pizza or cheesecake went straight to her hips, but the cheeks were so beautifully shaped, round and full, graceful, like a... like a... well, like perfect asscheeks, that's what. There wasn't anything in the world quite like a bottom, was there.

Blows still falling. They fell like raindrops, one right after another, in perfect rythmn.

Head down, butt up. Grit teeth... TWHACK! Ouch! Fuck! Head down, butt up. Grit teeth... TWHACK! Ouch!

Hell, would this never end? What was up with this guy!

* * * * *

For a few seconds the man's muscles went all tense, then he spurted wildly into the handkerchief. He sat back and panted for a few moments, idly watching the screen.

Then he reached for the mouse and clicked the stop button. The looping Quicktime movie stopped, the belt in the air, the girl frozen with her butt thrust upward ready to receive the stripe again.

"Whew! That's some tush," he breathed admiringly. "I could watch it be strapped all day!"

The End