SSC: Lingerie

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SSC: Lingerie

(***, F/f, Intense, caning)

A schoolgirl regrets buying thong panties. (Approximately 490 words. Originally published 2000-06.)

Samantha was blushing. Furiously. Her situation was worse than embarrassing, it was hideously humiliating. How could she have been so stupid?

She'd bought the lingerie over the holidays. It was a black bikini outfit, dreadfully lacey and sexy. She'd thought she looked so grown up in it. Plainly, it had been foolish to bring it to school with her. But it had been absolute stupidity to try it on!

She'd felt horribly foolish when Madame Colburn had discovered her, twirling in front of the bathroom mirror. Madame's leather slipper had driven the lesson home, making Samantha regret choosing a thong.

Now Samantha stood in the headmistress' office. She still wore the disgraced lingerie, and it was worse, much worse, than being naked. The thong had been yanked down below her bottom, leaving the pink, freshly-spanked cheeks completely exposed. The humiliation was enhanced by the fact that the headmistress' door stood wide open, for Madame Layette wasn't to return until supper. Samantha's face burned as she heard teachers and students comments and giggling as they passed.

But worst of all was the knowledge that when Madame Layette returned, Samantha would be receiving a thorough dose of the headmistress' long rattan cane. Samantha had the misfortune to have experienced the cane on two prior occasions, and didn't relish a third. But there was nothing for it now. In a few hours her bare bottom would be striped and that was all there was to it. She shivered in her nakedness and her eyes watered.

Time passed at a pace that was both too slow and too fast for the tormented teen. All too soon she heard the clip of heels and Madame Layette entered. Samantha felt both fear and relief. Her knees were weak and she trembled as the headmistress lectured her. Words flowed over her but she heard only the creak of the long cane as it was flexed and the swish of air as the woman practiced her swing.

Then it came, a hideous pain like that of a white hot iron rod pressed across her buttocks. The crack came later, echoing dully in the small chamber. Samantha couldn't help but gasp and moan. She clutched her ankles desperately, knowing that rising up would doom her to extra strokes.

She kept down for six, but the seventh came against her hope that it was over, and she half-rose up.

"We won't count that one," said Madame Layette sweetly. "And we'll add an extra."

Tears leaked from Samantha's eyes as the cane snapped down again and again. She gritted her teeth until the last stroke had been applied. Then she stood and pulled up the thong panties, wincing as the material slid over fourteen finger-thick welts.

"Since you enjoy lingerie," added Madame, "you'll wear that outfit for the rest of the week."

Fuck, thought Samantha. The thong would hide nothing. And today was only Tuesday.

The End