SSC: The Job Interview

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Another erotic story from the FLOGMASTER!

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SSC: The Job Interview

(*****, M/fm, Intense, paddling)

A woman interviews for a new job. (Approximately 488 words. Originally published 2000-06.)

The estate was at the end of a cul-de-sac. I identified myself at the intercom and the gate slid open.

Driving in, I was impressed. The place was huge, the gardens beautifully tended. Mr. Roberson was indeed a successful man. If only he'd give me this job. I'd KILL to be his executive assistant!

I parked near the huge white double-doors. After double-checking my make-up, I rang the bell.

"Mr. Roberson's by the pool, Miss. Please follow me."

The pool was filled with children. There seemed to be dozens, but that was just because they never stopped moving.

Mr. Roberson was lounging under a shade tree, a cordless phone in his hand. He waved at me, finished his conversation, and put the phone down.

"Please have a seat Miss Parker. It's great to meet you. Your resume's impressive."

"Thank you, I--"

"Hey! James, Donna! Get your butts over here!" screamed the man suddenly, rising to his feet. "What have I told you about snapping wet towels?"

Two teenagers trotted over to us, ashamed faces bowed. The girl was about fourteen or so, her body just blossoming. The boy was fifteen or sixteen, handsome and strong, but young in the face.

Mr. Roberson snatched up a wooden paddle from the table and quickly turned the girl around and swatted her petite plump butt. He gave her fourteen swats and sent her off, then gave sixteen to the boy.

"Kids," he said with a sigh, dropping back into his chair. "This is what three marriages gives you."

"You got custody?"

"Hell, my first two wives hated being mothers. They were glad..." He leapt to his feet. "Jessica, I saw that! Over here, NOW!"

The paddle interrupted our conversation again, as a young girl received nine whacks over her wet suit bottom. The spanking done, she dove back into the water.

"Thanks for meeting me at home," said Robinson, as though nothing had happened. "I do most of my business here. It's easier -- Eric! Get over here. You KNOW you're not to pull down your step-sister's bikini bottoms!"

After the paddling, the boy rubbed his butt ruefully and went off to play.

"They, uh, take it well," I murmured, watching the boy immediately begin chasing his step-sister.

"This? Oh, this is nothing. Just a little reminder to keep them in line."

"You're a strict disciplinarian."

"Have to be with--STACY!!!"

A stunning girl of about seventeen ran over, looking sheepish, her bikini top missing.

"It just fell off, Dad, honest!"

I gaped at her fantastic body. I was secretly delighted to see Robinson yank down the bikini bottoms for a long thirty-four swat paddling on the shapely bare bottom.

"So, you interested?" asked Robinson. He wasn't even panting.

"The job? Of course!"

"Then you're hired. Just remember, I run a tight ship." He held up the paddle.

I gulped, my bottom tingling.

The End

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