SSC: Osmosis

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SSC: Osmosis

(**, M/f, Intense, paddling)

A teacher teaches a lesson via osmosis. (Approximately 475 words. Originally published 2000-06.)

The walnut of dread in Darla's belly that morning had swelled to grapefruit size now that the dreaded math quiz was real and in her hands. Why hadn't she studied? She should have told Brad to call another night, but instead they'd talked until nearly midnight. Now she'd suffer for that mistake.

The questions blurred and made no sense. She vaguely recognized a few of the problems, but even those were tricky. She almost cried out in protest when Mr. Ball announced that time was up.

"Trade your quiz with the person behind you," he said.

Darla reluctantly passed her to Derek. "Go easy," she whispered, giving him her most winsome smile.

As Mr. Ball went over the answers, Darla's despair turned blacker, her future bleak. She knew she'd failed miserably. Derek got a seventy, which wasn't bad for one of Mr. Ball's infamous quizzes. She cringed when she saw her own score.

"Did anyone fail the quiz?" asked the teacher.

No one raised their hand. Shit! thought Darla, don't let me be the only one! She waited, but no one moved. Slowly her hand went up.

"Ah, Darla. What was your score?"

"F-forty-five," answered the girl, her cheeks burning pink.

"That's terrible. Come to the front immediately."

Darla stared straight ahead as she huried forward, too embarrassed to look at anyone.

"Obviously mere classroom lectures aren't enough for you," said Mr. Ball. "Time for a lesson by osmosis."

As the teacher picked up a heavy math book from his desk, Darla bent over the punishment chair at the front of the room. Her butt faced the class, but at least they couldn't see her face.

WHOMP! The textbook caught her bottom heavily. It didn't really hurt, but that, of course, wasn't the point. Mr. Ball just wanted to embarrass her, and he was doing an excellent job. With every thump of the book Darla's spirits sank lower and lower until she felt she was an inch tall.

"How many is that, Darla?"

"Twenty-two, sir."

"And how many to go?"

Darla subtracted rapidly. She'd gotten a forty-five, which was fifty-five less than a hundred. "Thirty-three left, sir."

"Good," muttered the man, and the wacking continued.

By now it was hurting a bit, but Darla didn't care. She just wanted it to stop. She wished so badly he didn't have to spank her in front of the whole class. She'd take ten times the spanking after school, with just the teacher present. Hell, she'd take a bare bottomed paddling in private over this!

Finally it was over. The teacher put the big book down with a thud. "Have you learned anything, Darla?"

"Oh yes sir, very much!"

"I'm glad you think so. Of course the real proof will be next Friday's quiz."

Darla sighed and nodded. She'd start studying tonight!

The End