SSC: Posterity

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SSC: Posterity

(*****, M/f, Intense, caning)

A school's yearbooks feature a unique and embarrassing tradition. (Approximately 485 words. Originally published 2000-06.)

"Yearbooks are here! Yearbooks are here!"

The cheerful cries were an icicle through the heart. Julia's carefree grin vanished, replaced by a grim scowl. She'd been dreading this day for months. Today, everyone would know. Oh, she wished there was a hole she could crawl into.

She stared at her math textbook and pretended not to notice the chaos as yearbooks were handed out.

Julia was in her final year at Sherbrooke's Girls School, a small, exclusive private school in New England. The academic reputation of the school was sterling, but there was a dark side: the school was traditional in more than book learning.

Her mind flashed back to that dark winter day. She'd gone to plead with Mr. Janker to give her a few, just a few extra days on her term paper. She desperately needed to study for the upcoming mid-term. But he would have none of it.

Then they'd been interrupted by someone telling him he was wanted on the telephone. As soon as the teacher was gone, the idea occurred to Julia. She began to rummage through the teacher's desk. She told herself she was looking for a pen she'd lost -- yeah, that was it -- but deep inside she was hoping to find a copy of Friday's exam.

Unfortunately, Mr. Janker hadn't closed the door to his office and who should pass but Mr. Delacourt, the headmaster.

In whirlwind speed the young lady had found herself in the head's office, skirt raised, panties lowered, her bottom striped with horrible pain from a long wooden rod.

It had been four agonizing strokes -- Julia's bottom twinged just remembering -- but far worst was today's fate: the yearbook photo.

"Julia! You... you were caned!" gasped Cynthia, Julia's best friend and seatmate. "Why didn't you tell me!"

Through teary eyes Julia reluctantly stared at the book spread in front of her. There, next to the pale face of the pretty, dark-haired girl with her name under it, was the photo: a close-up of her bare buttocks, cruelly striped with scorching red lines, and a caption with the date and the offense. As she was a senior, it was in full color.

Julia wished she were invisible.

"We're sisters!" cried a notorious girl named Delany, her grin wide as she hugged Julia excitedly.

Julia cringed. Everyone knew Delany had been caned, not once, but three times! She had three bare bottom photos next to her mug shot. She seemed almost proud of them. What glorious company for poor Julia.

She flipped through the yearbook miserably, ignoring the laughter and mocking from her peers. Her heart sank deeper. She had found a number of freshmen and sophomore girls with "extra" photos, several with multiples, and a few juniors, but she and Delany were the only seniors.

Oh, God! What would her father and mother say? It was too horrible for words.

The End