SSC: The Painful Choice

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Another erotic story from the FLOGMASTER!

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SSC: The Painful Choice

(****, M/f, Intense, n/c paddling, caning)

A girl makes the wrong choice. (Approximately 489 words. Originally published 2000-06.)

Georgia's blood froze when she heard the teacher's command. Fuck! She'd been caught!

She crumpled the note in her hand and slowly rose. "Yes, Mrs. Beacham?"

"The note, child! I want the note!"

Her eyes stinging, Georgia handed it over. The teacher looked at it, then huhrumped and placed in her pocket. "The paddle or Mr. Peabody?"

Georgia felt her cheeks redden. There was no way she'd let herself be paddled in front of class today! Not with _these_ panties!

"Mr. Peabody," she whispered.

"Very well." The teacher wrote out a note and Georgia was dismissed.

In Mr. Peabody's office, Georgia could hardly breathe. She watched him studying the note as though it was profound philosophy. After an age, he finally spoke.

"Passing notes is a paddling offense."

Georgia nodded. She didn't trust her voice.

Mr. Peabody frowned. "And yet you are here. For the third time this term. Why not just take the paddle from Mrs. Beacham?"

Georgia flushed. "It... it's too embarrassing, sir. I-I can't stand being paddled in front of all the others."

"You know I'll be much more severe than just a paddling."

"Yes sir."

"Very well. Let's get you over my lap. I'm going to spank you before your thrashing."

Georgia gulped but obediently went over the master's lap. She blushed as he lifted her skirt. No doubt he saw those panties but thankfully he didn't say anything. He just began to spank her. It was painful, but bearable. Barely. Until he paused and drew the panties down, that is. Then it really began to hurt.

After ten minutes or so, Georgia was relegated to the corner, where she had to stand holding her skirt up. Her special panties were around her ankles. Ten minutes later Mr. Peabody gave her double the paddling she'd earned from Mrs. Beacham: twenty hard swats that left buttocks crimson and swollen. Then more corner time.

After a quarter hour of humiliation and dreadful waiting, Mr. Peabody brought out the cane. Georgia couldn't believe how much the strokes hurt. Every one felt like it was cutting her two. Luckily, except for a couple strokes, she kept mostly silent, and Mr. Peabody only had to give her two extras. She couldn't stop the tears, however, and they flowed long after her thrashing was over.

He made the telephone call. Georgia wanted to beg him to be merciful, but she knew the school policy: headmaster punishments were always reported.

Back in Mrs. Beacham's class, Georgia couldn't stop blushing when it was obvious she was having difficulty sitting. But her real dread was going home.

Sure enough, mother was waiting at the front door, the stout hairbrush in her hand. "Your father will have a talk with you when he gets home," she said.

Georgia nodded sadly, her bottom regretting her choice. Surely a little paddling in class would have been better than this!

The End

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