SSC: Dance Season

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Another erotic story from the FLOGMASTER!

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SSC: Dance Season

(****, M/f, Intense, nc switching)

A girl seeks to attract a boy's attention. (Approximately 497 words. Originally published 2000-08.)

Father began with a hand spanking. A _long_ spanking. So long that Irene began to wonder if it was worth it.

She was draped across his lap, Father's big hand smacking heavily again and again across her bare arse. Tears stung her eyes and she fought to contain them. This was no time to be a child, she told herself.

After the spanking, she was allowed to rise and remove her skirt and knickers, then it was back over to have her bottom blistered with the flat wooden board. When her cheeks were properly crimson and Irene could hardly breathe from crying, Father released her. Irene quickly stripped completely and took the knife from her father with apprehension.

The villagers looked up with sly grins as Irene trotted by. "There goes another," said a woman to her husband. "Tis Dance season," he replied.

Irene just blushed and concentrated on her task. She hadn't been thrashed in a few years; she was surprised at how much a difference age made. Last time the worst had been the pain. Now it was the humiliation of running through the village naked, her almost-adult flesh exposed for everyone to gawk at, her scarlet, punished bottom visible for all to mock.

She reached the grove of trees at the outskirts of the village and quickly began cutting her switches. As required, she cut three, long and supple, and she twinged as she imagined them swiped across her backside. This was not easy, not easy at all.

Then she thought of the Dance, of Jason, and knew it was worth it. It _had_ to be.

She went home the long way, being sure to pass by Jason's home, and though she didn't look at him directly, she saw his face in the window and knew he was watching. Get an eyeful, she thought brazenly.

A small crowd was following Irene, and though she didn't dare turn to check, she hoped and prayed that Jason had joined them. A larger crowd was waiting at her home. Everyone to see the show.

She gave Father the switches, of which he chose the longest and deadliest, and then he began a thrashing Irene would remember for the rest of her life. At first she just hated it being out in public, where everyone could see her dancing and weeping, but after just a few sizzling cuts, she forgot all about the audience, and after a few more she even forgot about Jason and the Dance!

Finally it was over, the switch broken, Irene's legs and backside striped like a plaid skirt. She bowed humbly to the crowd, her heart swelling when she noticed Jason.

It took two weeks for the marks to fade, but Jason did ask Irene to the Dance, so it had been worth it. At least she'd only had to be naughty once. Some girls had to misbehave several times before they attracted the right boy!

The End

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