SSC: Cheerleader Init 1

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Another erotic story from the FLOGMASTER!

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SSC: Cheerleader Init

(****, m/f, Intense, paddling)

Cheerleaders face initiation. One version of several of the same story. (Approximately 490 words. Originally published 2000-06.)

"Congratulations," grinned Coach Elena Dubchek at the group of teenage girls. "You have all qualified to be on this season's cheerleading team!"

There were screams of delight and excitement, especially from Catrina Thompson, who was the only freshman to make the team. The other girls congratulated her and the other first timers, Stacy, Liz, and Deanna. Soon Coach Dubchek departed, reminding everyone that first practice was in two days.

"That means the initiation will be tomorrow," whispered Sally Forsythe to Catrina.

"What are you talking about?"

"Every year the football team initiates the new cheerleaders. You'd better be here at the gym at six sharp."

An ominous feeling flooded Catrina. "What happens at an initiation?"

Sally laughed. "It's secret, dummy! But just between you and me, it's nothing that bad. They like to tease you, maybe make you do some cheers in your underwear, drink a beer, stuff like that."

"Gosh!" Catrina's innocent eyes went wide.

* * * * *

Twenty-six hours later, Catrina's eyes weren't so innocent. She was dressed in her new cheerleading outfit, but she was afraid to move. Like her friends Stacy, Liz, and Deanna, she wore no underpants and no top.

"It's time girls," announced team captain Mike Malone. He and three other jocks brandished big wooden paddles.

"Let's just get it over with," mumbled Stacy.

The four moved out onto the gym floor. They'd been practicing the chant in the bathroom for the past fifteen minutes. Catrina had been told the silly words were an old tradition.

Slowly, but with increasing vigor, the four began the routine. They danced for several minutes, making sure, as instructed, to show off their tits behind their pompoms and frequently leap high to send their tiny skirts flying up.

Then they began the chant: "We are Cougar cheerleaders! You desire us more... hear us roar!" (The "roar" was the sound of four paddles connecting with four bent-over tushes.)

Butts steaming, the girls moved to their next position: "Cougars never tattle... see us rattle!" (The words were accompanied by a vigorous tit shake and two paddle swats.)

"Cougars live for excess... taste our success!" (The girls each picked a jock to kiss, and held the kiss until their bottoms were swatted thrice.)

"Cougars leave the enemy gory... smell our vic-tory!" (This was the worst: each girl allowed a jock to stick his head under her skirt for a long sniff while she took four swats from a paddle.)

"Cougars can't be beat... feel our heat!" (The girls mooned the audience, and bravely took five paddle whacks. Then the admiring fans crowded around, pinching, caressing, slapping, and rubbing the brightly burning buns.)

It was finally over. Catrina and the others took well-deserved showers. The water was cool, but considering the condition of their blistered bottoms, that was ideal. Catrina had never felt anything so soothing. She felt warm inside. After all, she was officially a cheerleader!

The End

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