SSC: Cheerleader Init 2

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Another erotic story from the FLOGMASTER!

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SSC: Cheerleader Init

(***, m/f, Intense, urinating)

Cheerleaders face initiation. One version of several of the same story. (Approximately 492 words. Originally published 2000-06.)

"Congratulations," grinned Coach Elena Dubchek at the group of teenage girls. "You have all qualified to be on this season's cheerleading team!"

There were screams of delight and excitement, especially from Catrina Thompson, who was the only freshman to make the team. The other girls congratulated her and the other first timers, Stacy, Liz, and Deanna. Soon Coach Dubchek departed, reminding everyone that first practice was in two days.

"That means the initiation will be tomorrow," whispered Sally Forsythe to Catrina.

"What are you talking about?"

"Every year the football team initiates the new cheerleaders. You'd better be here at the gym at six sharp."

An ominous feeling flooded Catrina. "What happens at an initiation?"

Sally laughed. "It's secret, dummy! But just between you and me, it's nothing that bad. They like to tease you, maybe make you do some cheers in your underwear, drink a beer, stuff like that."

"Gosh!" Catrina's innocent eyes went wide.

* * * * *

Twenty-six hours later, Catrina's eyes weren't so innocent. She was completely naked in front of a few dozen football jocks and a dozen of her cheerleader teammates. Naked with her were Stacy, Liz, and Deanna. All four of the girls had bright red asses from football captain Mike Malone's big wooden paddle, and he didn't look like he was done!

"Okay girls," cried the captain, "it's time for another beer."

The girls groaned and the guys cheered. Each girl picked a different football player and sweetly asked him for a beer. In return, the guy got to cop a feel from whatever body part he wanted. This was Catrina's third beer and she was feeling seasick and woozy. Her breasts still hurt from the last guy's feel. This jock went right for the money, slipping his hand deep into her cunt. Since he got to keep it there until the beer was gone, Catrina began guzzling as fast as she could.

After the beer, the girls had crawl the line again. This meant crawling between the legs of all the football players _and_ their cheerleader sisters and getting their bare butts slapped as they passed.

"Anyone need to pee?" called out captain Mike.

All four initiates rubbed their blazing bottoms and nodded vigorously. Deanna was already writhing anxiously.

"Okay," said Mike. He pointed to a metal bowl.

"Shit!" exclaimed Deanna, but she was desperate. She trotted to the bowl and did her business. Stacy and Liz quickly followed, and then all eyes went to Catrina. She blushed furiously.

"I... can't."

"You need another beer?"

That did it. Catrina never wanted to _see_ another beer in her life, let alone drink one. She squatted over the bowl and sprayed into it.

"Now it's shower time!" cried Mike.

In the showers, the cringing girls were splashed with the bowl of their own urine. Only then it was shower time for real. Cold, of course. Catrina had never felt anything wonderful.

The End

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