SSC: Proper Instruction 01

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SSC: Proper Instruction 01

(****, M/f, Intense, setup)

A girl teaches her guardian how to discipline her. (Approximately 471 words. Originally published 2000-08.)

"How's the book coming?" Jim asked.

Edward accepted the drink from Julianne. "Slowly. Picking a hundred of my best photos is proving impossible. Each is precious. It's like choosing between your children."

Jim nodded. "Interesting you mention children.... You know we leave for Europe in two weeks?"

"Opportunity of a lifetime."

"Exactly. Business, _lucrative_ business, and a second honeymoon."

"Everything was arranged for my mother to stay with Nicole," inserted Julianne. "Then she broke her hip. She's doing fine, but she's in no condition to travel."

Realization struck Edward. "Are you suggesting I..."

Julianne leaned forward. "Nicole loves you; she thinks of you as an uncle. You're on sabatical. You're not encumbered by a family. You're perfect."

"It's not like babysitting," inserted Jim. "Nicole's nearly an adult. And she'll be in school most of the time."

"She'll stay out of your hair. You're the boss -- whatever you say goes." Julianne took Edward's hand. "You're our only hope."

"We're prepared to compensate you," began Jim, but Edward threw up his hands at the barrage.

"Hold it! Obviously, you've thought this out. Come on, you're like family to me. Do you expect me to refuse?"

Edward was smothered in Julianne's arms.

"What does your daughter think of this?" he asked when he could breath again.

"Let's find out." Jim darted upstairs.

A moment later there came bounding down such a vision of delight a lump formed in Edward's throat. She was petite, vivacious, and deliciously cute. She wore a ragged T-shirt that left most of her belly bare, skintight white jeans, and fluff-ball slippers. A pocket CD player hung from one bouncing hip, the headphones blasting so loudly Edward could hear the jangle from across the room.

"Uncle Edward!" shouted the girl excitedly. She tore off the 'phones and rushed him, leaping into his arms and kissing him smack on the mouth.

Edward stammered, his mind whirling. The girl was so sweet and innocent and trusting, yet her body was a woman's. He didn't know how to respond. Shaking her hand was ridiculously impersonal, but giving her a pat on the tush like when she was a kid was out of the question.

"Daddy says you're going to stay with me while they go to Europe!" cried the teen. "Oh, I'm so excited! This is going to be a _blast_!"

"Now Nicole," cautioned Julianne, "Edward's got to work on his book, so you're not to make trouble for him. He doesn't have to entertain you. You've got to promise to be a good girl for him."

"Of course, Mom," laughed Nicole. Her bright eyes were focused on Edward's and there was something playfully naughty about the way she licked her teeth. She winked boldly at him. "Uncle Edward and I will get along just awesome!"

The End