SSC: Proper Instruction 08

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Another erotic story from the FLOGMASTER!

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SSC: Proper Instruction 08

(****, M/f, Intense, shower spanking)

A girl teaches her guardian how to discipline her. (Approximately 478 words. Originally published 2000-08.)

Nicole let the warm water run over her body. It felt so good. Especially on her ass, which was still warm and quivering from the long spanking she'd just received. She soaked for as long as she dared, nearly twenty minutes, and then climbed out. She dried off with a big fluffy towel and watched herself in the mirror. Her ass was bright red!

There was a knock a the door, then Edward entered. Nicole gave a little squeal and pulled the towel over herself. Edward laughed.

"Very funny, oh Modest One," he said. "Come on, I've already seen you naked."

"That's different," said Nicole primly. "That was part of a punishment."

"Well, that's what's being done now. You're about to be spanked. Again."

Nicole smiled. "For not wearing panties?"


"I guess that's fair, then." She dropped the towel.

"Hop back in the shower," ordered Edward. "I want you all wet."

Nicole stared at him. "But I--"

"Now, girl! You just earned yourself a coming-home spanking after school today!"

She didn't argue, but climbed back into the shower. As soon as she was dripping wet, Edward said: "Okay, come out now."

He was seated on the toilet, the towel drapped across his lap. "Come and lie down."

Nicole shivered, but obeyed. She braced herself against the floor with her hands. Her sore, pink bottom stuck up in the air nicely.

Edward didn't give her any premliminaries: he began to spank her. Hard. And fast. In less than a minute Nicole was whining. In two minutes she was crying. In three she was sobbing and begging him to stop, saying she'd do anything.

"Ow ow ow! I'll be a good girl! Oh, please stop. Ow! I'll wear panties all the time. Ow! Even in the shower. I'll _never_ take them off! Ow! Oohh, please stop. Please!"

But Edward didn't stop. He spanked and spanked. Nicole's fleshy buttocks went red, then scarlet, then a deep crimson. He concentrated on the cute swell at the base of her cheeks. He spanked her upper thighs. He wanted to make sure this girl knew she'd been spanked!

Nicole couldn't stop crying. Even when it was over, and Edward guided her into the shower and started a stream of cool water jetting over her, she sobbed and sobbed.

"I'm sorry, I'm sorry," she moaned. "I'm a naughty, naughty girl, I know. A naughty girl!"

"Shhhh," whispered Edward, drawing her out of the shower and wrapping her in a fresh towel. "Everything's over now. You were naughty and you've been punished. You're a good girl again."

Nicole gave him a deep hug, clinging to him a long time.

"Thank you," she breathed finally. "I needed that so badly. Thank you so much."

"You're welcome." He gave her a kiss and left her to get dressed.

The End

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