SSC: Proper Instruction 11

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Another erotic story from the FLOGMASTER!

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SSC: Proper Instruction 11

(*****, M/f, Intense, switching)

A girl teaches her guardian how to discipline her. (Approximately 491 words. Originally published 2000-08.)

"Have you ever been switched?" Edward asked Nicole one Saturday afternoon as they lay lazing by the pool.

"No," sighed Nicole. "Does it hurt?"


"Then," she sighed even deeper, "we must try it."

"Yes. I was thinking it would be an appropriate punishment for you for subbathing topless."

Nicole sat up. "But I'm not sunbathing topless."

"You could be."

"Oh." Nicole's swimsuit top suddenly vanished. Her small, pert breasts gleamed in the sunlight.

Edward watched her through half-opened eyes. "You should put on some suntan lotion lest you burn those."

Nicole grinned. "Would you mind?" She held out the bottle.

Edward didn't mind.

As soon as Nicole's chest was properly coated with lotion, he ordered the naughty girl to remove her swimsuit bottom.

"Now get a paring knife from the kitchen and go cut yourself three switches from that peach tree over there."

Nicole hesitated. "But that's on Old Man Saunders' property. He hates me."


"So I don't have any clothes on."

"Should have thought of that before you were so naughty!"

Nicole stood and flounced toward the kitchen, wagging her saucy rear end. Edward grinned nonstop as he watched her. She was ridiculously sexy for such a young girl.

A moment later she was back, carrying the knife, and heading toward the peach tree at the back of the yard. Edward watched her from his chair, admiring the way she stood on tiptoe to cut the branches. She'd cut two when suddenly a figure with white hair stepped out. Nicole gave a little cry and began to run back toward Edward, carrying the two switches in one hand.

"Little slut! I'll get you!" cried the old man. "How dare you cut my tree!"

Edward waved. "Come on over, Mr. Saunders," he called.

The old man trotted over, glaring at the naked Nicole, who stood trembling behind Edward and shielding her nudity with the long switches.

"She cut--"

"I asked her," said Edward calmly. "It was wrong, and I apologize. But you see, Nicole has been a bad girl. She's in desperate need of an old-fashioned switching."

The old man's eyes went wide. A smile began to play at the edges of his mouth. "So those twigs is to _punish_ her with?"

"Yes. Would you like to stay and make sure it's done properly?"

"No!" cried Nicole. "You can't!"

"I'd be mighty pleased," nodded Saunders, pulling up a lawn chair and easing into it.

Edward nodded. "All right, Nicole, let's have you bend over right between us. Give a switch to Mr. Saunders, too. He and I will take turns stripin' that naughty bottom of yours."

Shuddering, Nicole handed over the switches and got in position. Her slender nude form was completely exposed to the two men. Edward smacked her rear and made her part her legs a bit more.

Nicole sniffled. "Not too hard, please."

The two men laughed.

The End

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