SSC: Proper Instruction 12

Another erotic story from the FLOGMASTER!

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SSC: Proper Instruction 12

(*****, M/f, Intense, switching)

A girl teaches her guardian how to discipline her. (Approximately 490 words. Originally published 2000-08.)

The thin peach branch whistled through the air. The tip caught Nicole's left buttock with a vicious blow, leaving a plump crimson weal about four inches long. She howled and stamped her feet, wiggling her ass from left to right as she struggled to absorb the pain.

"Ohhh fuck," she moaned. "That's awful!"

"You're not to swear," scolded Edward sternly. "Remind me to give you a bedtime spanking later tonight."

"But it really _hurts_," sobbed the girl.

"Ah, it's no more than you deserve," laughed Saunders, the old neighbor. "You be a naughty child!"

He gripped his switch with an evil glee and appoached the bent-over girl. A grizzled hand reached out and squeezed Nicole's fleshy backside. "Such a fine-looking lass, too. A splendid arse!"

"Oh please!"

"Shush, lass, and take your whippin'!"

Standing to Nicole's right, Saunders lashed forward with the switch. Another blood-red mark blossomed on the smooth pale flesh of the girl and she went into a fresh spasm of frantic movements and vocal complaints.

Edward ignored her cries and delivered an encore stroke across her left cheek. Nicole began to cry when Saunders took his cut. Soon a score of crimson marks decorated the teen's pert cheeks and she sobbed continuously.

But the switching went on. And on and on. It continued until the switches of both men were useless. Edward gave a final feeble strike but his switch snapped in two on contact.

"Get up," he said.

Nicole rose, panting with relief, her buttocks a maze of scarlet lines. Her hands went back to comfort her blazing bottom, but the next words of her guardian stopped her.

"You think your tree can spare a couple more switches?"

Saunders grinned. "Aye, of course."

"Good." Edward turned to Nicole. "Cut two more switches."

She stared at him. Her mouth opened but no sound emerged. Her eyes went to Old Saunders in desperate search of help, but he only leered with manic glee.

"Come on, hurry it up!" snapped Edward, passing over the paring knife. Miserable, and finding walking painful, Nicole obeyed. She trotted out to the tree, cutting down two more long, sturdy switches, and brought them back to the men.

"Don't worry," said Edward gently. "Your bottom will be spared this time. Turn around."

Nicole trembled as she bent over between the men and grasped her ankles. The first cut told her what she'd been dreading: her thighs were being given the same treatment as her ass. This would take a while.

"Legs further apart," hissed Edward, slipping a hand between her legs right at her crotch. His fingers dug into the lips of her sex as she spread her legs and lowered herself. He wiped the moisture off his hands onto her welted bottom.

"Continue the switching," he said, smiling as Saunders put in a hard stroke.

Nicole gritted her teeth and prayed for it to end.

The End