SSC: Proper Instruction 15

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Another erotic story from the FLOGMASTER!

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SSC: Proper Instruction 15

(*****, M/f, Intense, paddle, breasts)

A girl teaches her guardian how to discipline her. (Approximately 482 words. Originally published 2000-08.)

Edward studied Nicole's buttocks critically. The skin was deep crimson, and in places the paddle had left dark blotches that looked ominously like bruises.

"Are you sure about this? Your ass is near blistered."

"Oh, that's normal," she said nonchallantly. "Daddy blisters me all the time."

"Well, if you're sure...."

"Go ahead and finish. About twenty-five or thirty should do it."

Edward sighed, stealthily adjusted his pants, and picked up the paddle. Nicole was naked, bent over the foot of the bed. He rubbed her butt with the paddle a bit, then pulled it back and gave her ass a really hard smack. She gasped slightly, hissed a bit as she wiggled on the bed, then relaxed.

"That's more like it," she sighed. "A couple dozen of those should do it."

Edward oblidged. He paddled her. Hard. Not just a couple dozen, but several. Nicole writhed and moaned, and her ass went through several shades of marroon, but she never once complained. For the finale he gave her a half-dozen at the base of each cheek, stopping when he saw a nice crop of blisters right where ass met thigh.

"That will keep you fidgeting. You won't sit comfortably for a week."

"I'm sure I'll be naughty before that," giggled the girl. She stood and rubbed her ass. "Fuck that hurt."

Edward's jaw dropped. "What did you say?" he asked sharply.

"I said, 'Fuck that hurt.'"

"You know you're not permitted to use foul language!"

"Bummer, dude. I guess I just did. Twice."

Edward threw the paddle on the bed in disgust. "I'm not paddling you any more. Your ass is blistered raw."

Nicole laughed. "You don't have to spank my bottom, you know."

"What are you talking about?"

"Come on, Mr. Heid, you're a grown man. Use your imagination." Nicole sat on the bed and openly fondled her breasts. Her eyes flicked toward the leather strap on the dresser.

"You mean... no way. No way!"

"I've got to be _punished_. I'm as unrepentant as hell and I need to spanked."

Edward couldn't disagree with the girl there. She was a naughty minx, all right. He began to wrap slender leather strap around his hand. When only six or seven inches were left, he approached Nicole.

"Hands out of the way."

She obeyed, leaning back on the bed. Her petite but very feminine breasts bulged invitingly. Edward lifted the strap and swung, connecting with Nicole's left breast, right across nipple. She gasped loudly, and tears sprang to her eyes.

"Yessss," she hissed.

The strap flicked out again, and again, and soon Nicole was covered with a thin sheet of sweat. Her body was arched backward, her punished ass rubbing into the bed cruelly, her naked breasts red and raw.

She sighed. "That was good."

Edward laughed. "We're not finished."

Nicole's eyes swelled with alarm.

The End

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