SSC: Proper Instruction 18

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SSC: Proper Instruction 18

(*****, M/f, Intense, strapping)

A girl teaches her guardian how to discipline her. (Approximately 482 words. Originally published 2000-08.)

Nicole sasheyed to the sink and bent over, opening the cabinet underneath. Her T-shirt rose, revealing the curve of the base of her buttocks. She wore no panties, and the crimson skin of her chubby bottom bore a sharp contrast to the pale flesh of her thighs.

Edward frowned and cleared his throat noisily.

Nicole stood up. "Is something the matter, Uncle Edward? You look troubled."

"You're doing it on purpose, you minx!"

"Doing what?"

The expression of innocence of the girl could not have been faked. Or could it? Edward didn't know what to think. He growled in frustration. "Just what are you looking for, anyway?"

"Just rumaging." The teenager bent back over.

"Well stop it!" cried Edward, shifting uncomfortably.

"Or what? You'll spank me again?"


Nicole giggled. "You won't. You _hate_ spanking me. You make such a big deal about it, like it was _you_ being tortured instead of me."

"I swear, I'll use the leather strap!"

"Ooooh, I'm so scared," mocked the teen. "Uncle Eddie's making silly threats again." She rubbed her bottom, succeeding in lifting the shirt so Edward could see the puffy red flesh from her earlier spanking.

Edward stood. "Get the strap!"

"Come on, I was just teasing."

"I'm serious, Nicole. Your father wouldn't stand for this behavior and neither will I."

"Fine, I'll be good," Nicole said with a sad, deep sigh. She sat at the kitchen table and toyed with the sugar bowl.

"Nicole, I didn't give you a choice. Go and get the strap. If I have to ask you again, I'll have you fetch the paddle also!"

Nicole looked at Edward for a few seconds, noting his grave expression. She smiled, a grin that normally couldn't help but make him laugh, but he only glared at her.

"You're serious?" she asked. "You're really gonna whip me?"

Silence was her only answer. She gulped, then ran upstairs. She was back quickly, carrying the wide leather strap. Edward pointed to the living room sofa.

Nicole obeyed. Bending over the sofa back raised the T-shirt, exposing her bare ass completely. The plump cheeks were blotched with red from her spanking just hours earlier.

Nicole wiggled uncomfortably. "Take it easy, Uncle," she whispered. "I'm still sore back there."

"Good," muttered Edward. He wrapped a good portion of the belt around his hand and drew back the tail. The swat left a river of red across the fullness of the cheeks. Nicole gasped and then hissed angrily, but she stayed down.

Twenty times the belt fell, raising dark crimson welts on the fair cheeks and bare thighs. Nicole wept silently.

"Is that enough for you?" asked Edward.

Nicole sniffled. "Daddy always gives me two dozen," she whispered boldly.

"Well then, we'd better outdo him. I'll give you thirty!"

Nicole gulped and winced as the strap went up again.

The End