SSC: Proper Instruction 20

Another erotic story from the FLOGMASTER!

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SSC: Proper Instruction 20

(*****, M/f, Intense, bathtime)

A girl teaches her guardian how to discipline her. (Approximately 493 words. Originally published 2000-08.)

"What the hell--" exclaimed Edward, sinking into the tub and covering his lap. He stared in amazement as a nude Nicole stood in front of the sink and calmly began brushing her teeth.

"What are you doing!"

"Brushing my teeth."

"Get out of here! Can't you see I'm taking a bath!"

"Oh, I don't mind," said Nicole with a frothy grin.

"Well *I* mind, so get out of here!" roared Edward.

Nicole ignored him and finished brushing her teeth. She grabbed the towel off the rack near the tub and wiped off her mouth. She stood next to the tub, towel in hand, not making any move to cover her naked body.

Edward started to rise, then realized she had his towel.

"Give me the towel."

Nicole smiled and casually tossed it behind her.

"You little--" Edward stopped. She was approaching him. His hands covered himself, blushing furiously as she bent across him, naked breasts dangling in his face.

"Don't mind me," Nicole said pleasantly. "Just borrowing the soap."

It took her a long time to get it, dangling in front of him. Her body was so smooth, so naked, and he could feel himself reacting, as much as he didn't want to.

"You're gonna pay for this."

"I hope so! You'll probably spank me every night for a week!"

She sat on the side of the tub, stretching out her long bare legs. Edward couldn't help but notice the twin orbs of her ass hanging over the edge of the porclain tub, just inches from his knees, nor the slender mass of dark hair nestled between her thighs.

"I think I need to shave," murmured Nicole. She followed Edward's eyes as he feasted on her legs. "Oh, not my legs!" she laughed. "I was talking about this!"

Nicole slipped a hand between her thighs, massaging herself. "Since you spank me like I'm a little girl, perhaps I ought to look like one?"

Edward was speechless. He could only think that she looked _nothing_ like a little girl. Even... shaven... she wouldn't look like a girl.

"Please, let me out," he moaned.

Nicole smiled. "Pass me my razor over there."


"You'd better, or I'll have to get it myself."

"Fine." Edward closed his eyes as she leaned over him again. Her breasts pressed against him heavily, the nipples poking him like knives. He tried to think of food, or baseball, anything but the naked girl practically in his lap.

And then she _was_ in his lap.

Her hand went where it shouldn't, and Edward leaped to his feet, dragging Nicole upward by the naughty arm. They stood there, naked and dripping, Nicole looking downward, eyes huge.

"Get a good look baby, 'cause it's gonna cost you."

Nicole licked her lips. "It was worth it," she cried as he bent her over the side of the tub and began to slap her ass.

The End