SSC: Proper Instruction 23

Another erotic story from the FLOGMASTER!

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SSC: Proper Instruction 23

(*****, M/f, Intense, photography)

A girl teaches her guardian how to discipline her. (Approximately 493 words. Originally published 2000-08.)

"I shall call these 'Before and After,'" said Edward. He peered through the viewfinder, then directed Nicole to turn her head slightly. "Bite your lower lip as though you're worried. Perfect!"

The girl was a vision. Nude except for a tiny hand towel that did more to stir the imagination than cover her bare flesh, she looked petulant and daring. She was kneeling on a recliner, her bare ass slightly angled toward Edward, the towel faithfully clinging to the swollen mounds of her breasts.

The smooth, pale skin of her buttocks was flawless; Edward had spared her flesh for the photo session. For the last forty-eight hours she'd done nothing but hydrate in the hot tub and apply gallons of soothing skin cream. Her youthful flesh had responded valiantly, restoring her to health with amazing speed. There was almost no trace of Sunday's brutal paddling.

"I feel silly," mumbled Nicole, striking another pose. She fumbled with the towel and it plummeted to the floor. She gamely hopped up and retrieved it, oblivious to the delight this treat gave Edward. Somehow he never tired of seeing her nude form, especially when she was casual about it.

"I can solve that," said Edward, clicking off a last couple of pictures. "It's time we began the 'after' portion of the series."

Nicole gulped and her eyes widened slightly. But it was hard to tell if her expression was one of fear or excitement.

"Let's start with something that marks well," said Edward, producing a long rattan cane.

"Oh, shit," grumbled Nicole. "You men and canes."

Two strokes had the room echoing with sound: the fading CRACK! of the rod across firm flesh and the low moaning of a suffering girl.

But Edward had what he wanted: twin glorious finger-thick stripes of crimson across the perky bare cheeks of the teen. The first was high across both cheeks and almost perfect straight, while the second angled downward, catching the lower portion of Nicole's right cheek with the stingy tip of the cane. The weal there had blossomed to the width of two fingers, and it was obvious it would eventually darken and bruise slightly.

Back at the camera, Edward was in another world, concentrating on framing perfect photos. For ten minutes the only sound was Nicole's agonized panting and the clicks and whirls of the camera.

Finally Edward came out from behind the camera. "Let's add some color."

"Oh, let's," said Nicole in a flat, unenthusiastic voice.

A heavy leather paddle appeared from nowhere and went to work on the teen's rear end. The cheeks bounced and quivered and trembled with every hearty wallop, and Nicole's groans of protest grew deeper and deeper. Edward didn't stop until the cheeks were vivid strawberry, then he disappeared behind the camera again.

For the next hour, Edward went through a dozen rolls of film and Nicole experienced every implment in the house.

The End