SSC: Staff

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SSC: Staff

(***, F/f, Intense, nc caning)

A girl gets a music lesson. (Approximately 495 words. Originally published 2000-09.)

"Ah, glad you could join us, Suzie!" drawled Ms. Steiner.

The pretty teen blushed and looked at the floor as she closed the door behind her. "I, uh, was in the, uh, bathroom, and uh, I--"

"And you got lost?"

The tense room exploded with giggles and Suzie's blush became a deep sunburn.

"Music appreciation begins promptly at 2 o'clock, young lady," scolded the teacher. "It seems you need a lesson in appreciation."

Suzie's head popped up and her eyes swelled with alarm. "Ma'am, plea--" she began, but the music teacher cut her off.

"Fetch me the cane. At once!"

Trembling, Suzie trotted to the back of the class. She had to pass her giggling and leering classmates and her face burned with shame. She kept her head high and her eyes focused on the cabinet at the back of the room and tried frantically to blink away the tears threatening to burst.

Inside the tall cabinet hung the small wooden paddle, the wide leather strap, and the two slender canes. Suzie reached for the shorter one.

"The _senior_, Miss Suzie," came a voice behind her.

Suzie thought something _really_ naughty and grabbed the longer cane. She couldn't bear to look at any of her classmates as she rushed to receive her punishment.

"Over my desk, bottom to the class," came the command, and Suzie knew better than to disobey. On tiptoe, she bent across the desk, resting on her elbows. She cringed when she felt Ms. Steiner flip up her skirt and then gasped when the icy fingers drew her white cotton panties down to her ankles.

"How many _black_ lines in a musical staff, girl?"

Suzie gulped. "Six, ma'am."

"That's right."

The tall teacher drew back the thin stick and struck. The blade of the cane caught poor Suzie fully across the center of her bottom and she let cry a horrible screech of pain.

"Shut up that noise, girl," roared the teacher, and brought forth another strike, this one an inch higher. Twin red lines adorned Suzie's round bottom as she moaned and tried to keep quiet.

Three more times the cane desceneded, each leaving a vivid red weal, all perfectly parallel. The horizontal lines covered Suzie's cheeks from top to _almost_ the very bottom. Heart in her throat, Suzie knew the destination of the final stroke.

"Lean forward, girl!" snapped Ms. Steiner, and Suzie obeyed, though it exposed the tender undersides of her buttocks.


The pain was horrendous -- for a long bit Suzie couldn't even breathe. The tears just flowed down her face.

But hold on! What was the witch saying?

"--the perfect musical staff. So today, you're going to be our blackboard. I've got this nice magic marker. It wipes right off (unlike those red stripes!). Students will use your bottom to write their answers.

"Josh? Please come up and draw an 'F' quarter note.""

Footsteps approached and Suzie shuddered.

The End