SSC: The Secret

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Another erotic story from the FLOGMASTER!

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SSC: The Secret

(*****, ?/?, Intense, spanking)

A man learns the secret to a successful marriage. (Approximately 486 words. Originally published 2000-08.)

The celebration was huge: it wasn't every day Hotel Ecuador hosted a 50th Anniversary party. Bartender Steven George ran himself ragged. It was nearly five before he could take a break.

He went onto the balcony and was surprised to find the guest of honor, Jack Joyner, watching the gathering on the lawn.

"Shouldn't you be out there, sir?"

"Bah, this party was my daughter's idea. She seems to think being married fifty years is some sort of accomplishment."

"It is. Most marriages don't last ten years."

"Foolish, damned foolish."

Steven hesitated. "Is... is there a secret?"

"A secret?"

"To being married?"

Jack stared at his drink for a bit. "I suppose. Why do you ask?"

"It's my wife and I. We're growing apart. We've been married for four years, but lately... it's been rough."

"She having an affair?"

"Oh no, nothing like that."

"You having an affair?"

"Of course not. It's just... there isn't as much... passion. We were so much in love. I still love her. I can't imagine life without her. But I'm afraid... I see us drifting. I see you and your wife and I wonder. Is there something I'm missing?"

Jack drained his cup. "So you wanna know the secret, eh?" He paused. "All right. Refresh my drink and I'll tell you."

Steven was back in seconds. He burned with impatience as the man slowly took a sip.

"This is just between us, son."

"Of course."

A long pause. Then: "Spankings. That's the secret."

"I don't understand."

"It's the secret to great sex. Men and women have different needs. When the sex gets old the marriage gets old. After a while, a couple tend to neglect each other's needs. They get selfish, use sex to only satisfy themselves. Wife and I made a pact early on: first one to come during sex gets spanked by the other. Hard. With a strap or paddle or rod."

Steven's brain was whirling. "So... neither of you want to come during sex."

"Smart kid." Jack sighed. "We once did it for four hours straight. Neither of us would come. Best damned four hours of my life."

"That's amazing."

"That's not the half of it. You see, sex became a competition with us. But not against each other -- we competed to see who could arouse the other more."

"Oh my God!"

"Damned right. I know all Gloria's buttons and she knows mine. We may be getting up there, but the sex we had last week is as good as the sex we had on our honeymoon."

Hours later, Steven's brain was still spinning. It made sense. And he had to admit, spanking Julie's ass had appeal. Of course his own ass would be on the line as well, but that was the whole point.

He grinned. For the first time in months, he couldn't wait to see his wife!

The End

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