SSC: Roommates

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SSC: Roommates

(****, M/FF, Intense, spanking, paddling)

Free rent comes at a cost. (Approximately 484 words. Originally published 2000-08.)

The two were so similar, yet so different. Angel was a petite blond. Her face was delicate and cute, though her attitude was anything but sweet. Her hips were round, her ass tight. Her breasts weren't big, though they appeared huge on her slight body.

Ronnie was taller and heavier. She had short dark hair and full face. Her ass was magnificent, full and round. Eric loved the way it looked in tight jeans.

In fact, that's how he had her dressed now: jeans and no shirt. She looked completely humiliated. Angel wore a half-tee that accented her breasts and left her belly bare. A pair of tiny white panties barely covered her crotch and ass.

"You girls are in for it. Look at this pigsty! Who's turn was it to clean this week?"

After a second's hesitation, Angel pointed at Ronnie and Ronnie pointed at Angel. "Hers!" they said simultaneously.

"I see. Well in that case, you'll _both_ be punished."

"But Eric--" began Ronnie, but she went silent when she saw the look in his eyes.

"And that's not the half of it. Angel, why didn't you pick me up at the airport this morning?"

The girl trembled. "I, uh, I forgot."

"Well, you're going to remember tonight, I promise you. I'm taking the $40 cab ride out of your hide. And Ronnie, didn't you quit smoking?"

Ronnie went pale. "I did," she said bravely.

"Then what are the empty cigarette cartons doing in the trash?"

The dark-haired girl could only bow her head in despair.

"I'm out of town for a week and look at you two! You have no self-discipline at all. I guess it's up to me to teach you. Angel, fetch me the ebony hairbrush. Ronnie, I want your sorority paddle and your father's leather belt."

"Oh no, please!" begged the girls, but Eric was adamant. "Now!" he shouted, and the girls ran to obey.

He started them off with bare bottom spankings across his lap, fifteen minutes each. He did almost as much fondling as spanking, but the girls knew very well that the real punishment was still to come.

Next, he tore into Ronnie's ass with the wooden sorority paddle. Twenty-five brutal strokes left her howling and dripping snot and tears. Angel wasn't forgotten, as he positioned her over his lap and pounded her butt with the big hairbrush. He gave her twenty-five over her panties, then twenty-five again on her bare ass.

Both girls were contrite as he had them strip completely naked for their whippings. Standing side by side with hands on heads, nude curves exposed, bottoms red and swollen, the girls were stunning. Eric was again amazed at his good fortune to find these two for roommates. The free rent he gave them was more than worth it.

He wrapped the belt around his hand and approached.

The End