SSC: A Reading Lesson

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Another erotic story from the FLOGMASTER!

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SSC: A Reading Lesson

(****, F/FFF, Intense, caning)

Always read a contract before you sign it. (Approximately 482 words. Originally published 2000-08.)

"Just sign here."

Holly scanned the text. The type was microscopic and utterly filled the page. There were three pages. The first two paragraphs were incomprehensible gibberish. The words wavered and blurred before her eyes.

"It's standard. It says you're eighteen, that you're doing this of your own free will, that we can film you, and that you'll end up with a red bottom, maybe some marks or two, and that you won't sue us for anything."

Holly hesitated.

The director laughed. "You're _reading_ it? It's a standard form. You've probably signed dozens of these."

"I mustn't let him think I've never done this before," thought Holly. She shrugged and nonchalantly signed.

Ten minutes later, she was a naked schoolgirl. Two naked girls stood with her. All faced the stern headmistress, wielding a long cane.

Fortunately, it was a spanking first. A *LONG* spanking. Holly grew more and more nervous watching the others take their doses, then it was finally her turn. The "headmistress" was very strong. She spanked hard, and it hurt. Holly couldn't help but wiggle and cry out. She didn't have to act.

After ten minutes of solid spanking, it was time for hairbrush. Here Holly had to use some self-control. Her tears were real and she let them flow, but she nearly bit her tongue off to keep from swearing. Her bum was scarlet and raw when the hairbrushing from hell was finally over.

Now the woman took up the cane. "Oh shit!" thought Holly miserably, rubbing her ass.

The first stroke caught her by suprise. It was hard, ruthless, and utterly unbearable. She rose and leaped around the room, swearing, clutching her ass frantically.

"Cut! Cut!" cried the director, furious. "Get your ass back over there!"

"I can't, I can't!" cried Holly, sobbing. "Forget it! I'm not doing it."

"Either you do it voluntarily or we'll tied you down for your flogging!"

"You can't do that! I quit!"

"You can't _quit_," laughed the director. "We have a signed contract. Your ass is ours."

Holly stared at him in disbelief. The faces of those around were either blank or impatient. No help from anyone.

"What... what are you talking about?"

The director sighed. "Amateurs," he muttered.

"Holly, you signed a contract that gives us permission to whack your ass. There's nothing about how many times we're supposed to whack it, or how red it can get. All we need your cooperation with is the acting. But if you'd rather, we can tie you down, change the script, and turn this into a hard-core bondage movie. That doesn't require acting, just a body. Then we'll *REALLY* thrash you. It's your choice."

Holly gulped and wiped tears from her eyes. "Damned contract," she thought bitterly. "I _knew_ I should have read it!"

She meekly went back to the headmistress for her caning.

The End

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