SSC: Rain Day 1

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Another erotic story from the FLOGMASTER!

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SSC: Rain Day

(*****, M/ff, Intense, playing house)

Youngsters play naughty games. (Approximately 483 words. Originally published 2000-08.)

"Jack, come play with us!"

"We're bored."

The twins pleaded with their cousin. At nineteen, and in college, he was their idol. He stared at his books, then sighed. It was pouring. It certainly was no way to spend summer vacation. The brats had been inside for two days.

"Okay. Just for a bit. What do you wanna play?"

The twins looked at each other. "We were playing House," said Cora coyly.

"It's boring with just two," added Carin.

"If we play House I'm the adult."

Cora nodded. "Okay."

Carin frowned. "But he's _always_ the adult. Why do we always have to be the naughty children?"

"Because you are!" laughed Jack, chasing the girls.

Ten minutes later, they were in the basement discussing the game.

"Don't spank us too hard," said Cora. "Last time it really hurt!"

"No way," said Jack. "I think you two have been _very_ naughty. You not only deserve hard spankings, but _bare-bottom_ spankings!"

Both kids gasped and instinctively put their hands back to cover their bottoms.

"Who's first?" asked Jack.

"She is!" cried the twins, each pointing at the other.

Jack laughed. "We'll start with some mild spanking. Carin, what did you do wrong at school today?"

The pretty girl frowned, thinking carefully. "I got caught running down the hall," she said timidly.

"Ah, well that certainly deserves a bottom warming." He pulled her across his lap and lifted her skirt. Her skimpy panties were snug and he spanked her over them.

After a dozen mild swats he increased the tempo, and by the end of the second dozen, Carin was wiggling and ouching.

"Now what did you do?" Jack asked Cora.

"I spoke rudely to my teacher," said Cora with a giggle.

"That's not funny at all." Jack pulled her over his lap, and though her panties were just as skimpy as her sister's, he yanked them down and began to spank her bare bottom. Cora squealed and yelped and kicked her feet wildly.

After a few minutes of corner time, the game continued with several more acts of naughtiness uncovered, and soon both girls had been spanked on the bare bottom several times. It was at this point the phone rang, and Jack had to answer it. He left the girls standing in separate corners holding their skirts up to show off their spanked bottoms.

"That was your school principal," Jack said when he got back. "It seems you two were caught bullying the little Jackson kid."

"That's not true!" said Cora, and Carin looked bewildered.

Then the twins saw the big hairbrush in Jack's hand.

"Uh oh," said Cora, backing away and shielding her bottom.

"I don't think I like this game any more," whispered Carin.

"Time to take your medicine," said Jack with a broad smile. He patted his palm with the brush. "Don't make Daddy angry."

The End

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