SSC: The Punishment Room

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SSC: The Punishment Room

(*****, F/fff, Severe, severe)

Schoolgirls are punished in the punishment room. (Approximately 490 words. Originally published 2000-08.)

It was just an ordinary door. A three by seven slab of pine placed on hinges with a metal handle. But the placard on the front changed everything. It read: Punishment Room.

Miranda looked at it. The paper in her hand burned. Finally she took a deep breath and opened the door.

The room was large, twenty by thirty, with mirrors along the walls like a ballet school. It was crowded with apparatuses and schoolgirls. The atmosphere in the room was one of strained silence. Miranda always described it as silent screaming.

There was a short queue by the door. Miranda took her place at the end. Ms. Watford, the punishment room monitor, was strapping Evelyn Coniford. Evelyn was nude, her ankles and wrists locked into a wooden stock. Bent over at the waist, her buttocks stuck out obscenely, and it was these Ms. Watford was diligently striping.

"All right, Evelyn, you've got an hour," said Watford as she hung up the strap.

Next in line was Emily Murmur, a tiny pale-face girl. She gave the teacher her note and was promptly led to a straight backed chair, flipped over the woman's lap, and spanked for twenty minutes. The first five were over her knickers, but the balance was on her bare bum. Afterward she was led to a corner, to stand with her knickers around her ankles and hands on her head.

During Emily's spanking, Miranda nervously glanced at the others. She counted nine girls in the room, not counting Emily or those waiting for punishment. Each girl had been well-punished, red tails telling the tale.

Several of the girls were nude; others were in various stages of humiliating undress. All waited in torturous positions. A naked blonde girl stood with her nose holding a piece of paper against the wall, her hands on her head. A tearful redhead sat fidgeting on the nail chair. Miranda saw her friend Kimmy had been caned and now hung by her wrists in one corner, while Jamie Clark sat wincing on the dildo chair. Miranda shuddered.

Polly Wilson, a sixth-former, was next. She got the cane. It was eight whipped in strokes, each drawing shrieks from the girl. Afterward, Ms. Watford forced her to stand with her arms spread wide with a dictionary in each hand.

"Fifteen minutes," she said. "An extra stroke per minute your arms aren't up." Within a minute Polly's arms were wavering.

Amy Crawford got the slipper and was sent to a corner. Jamie was released and allowed to go. Then it was Miranda's turn.

The paddling was long and brutal, but the worst was afterward, for Miranda was placed on the sandpaper chair. It was a rocker. A small motor kept it moving jerkily, constantly rubbing the raw flesh of Miranda's bum.

"Only an hour," she thought miserably. In the meantime, the punishment room gave her plenty to watch.

The End