SSC: Punishment Dress

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Another erotic story from the FLOGMASTER!

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SSC: Punishment Dress

(****, M/f, Intense, nc caning)

A punished schoolgirl must wear a revealing dress. (Approximately 483 words. Originally published 2000-09.)

Head down and heart heavy, Deanna waited outside the principal's office. This morning she'd felt elated: only two more days in the term! Getting three demerits in two days was a record even she couldn't achieve. Next term her demerit count would be reset to zero and she'd be able to breath again.

In retrospect, perhaps she'd been a little too relaxed. Talking in class was just _asking_ for a demerit. Then the horror: she'd forgotten her demerit card!

Not having your demerit card was a demerit in and of itself -- but at least she was one short of the five-demerit caning mark. No doubt Mr. Williams would paddle her, but it the cane.

The secretary indicated Deanna was to go inside. Mr. Williams looked grim. "This is the fourth time you've forgotten your card," he said without preamble. "So I'm giving you TWO demerits!"

Deanna gasped. "Oh, no, sir, please!" But it was no use. She had to take the demerits and the punishments.

Principal punishments were always worse a teacher's. Instead of just paddling her, he first spanked her with his hand over her panties. Hand-spanking was considered minor and thus there were no limits to the severity. He spanked Deanna for a full ten minutes before taking down the big board and walloping her butt fifteen blistering swats.

"That takes care of your first demerit. We'll finish tomorrow. Be sure to wear your punishment dress."

Upon hearing of her daughter's misbehavior, Gloria Swendal took hairbrush in hand and delivered a thorough paddling to Deanna's full cheeks. And after supper, her father took her into the garage for a "talk" with the leather strap.

Thus it was a well-blistered Deanna who struggled into her punishment outfit the next day. She hated the thing. It was little more than white suspenders attached to skimpy shorts. The suspenders were cinched ferociously tight, digging the shorts painfully into her crotch. The thong shorts left her asscheeks completely bare and the suspender straps barely covered her swelling breasts.

Yet technically it preserved her modesty.

If she'd tried to wear it a swimsuit she'd have been locked up for indecency. But this wasn't an outfit for sex appeal: it let the whole world know she was to be caned at school.

After breakfast her father paddled her to "bring some color" to her cheeks. He wanted everyone on the bus to see she'd been recently spanked. Deanna was humiliated.

Worse, when she checked in with Principal Williams on arrival, he not only cinched her suspenders tighter, but gave her the twenty paddle whacks due for her fourth demerit. Her butt was *RED* as she went to her classes. Even worse, he sheduled her caning for just before lunch -- that way the whole cafeteria would see her fresh stripes.

At least this time she'd remembered to bring her demerit card.

The End

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