SSC: An Appointment

Another erotic story from the FLOGMASTER!

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SSC: An Appointment

(*****, M/f, Intense, paddling, caning)

A girl forgets her appointment and pays dearly. (Approximately 473 words. Originally published 2000-08.)

There were about a dozen girls, all cheerleaders, naked and soapy and wet. They didn't notice me immediately and continued showering and giggling. Suddenly the place went still, girls frozen in mid-scrub, eyes wide, mouths ajar.

"Nobody move a muscle!" I said, and not a girl dared disobey. All eyes were on the leather paddle and long white cane in my hand.

"I'm looking for Andrea Myers."

There was a gasp of horror from my right. All eyes focused on the girl. Her long blonde hair was stuck to her back. Her mouth was open and making strange sounds, none of it coherent.

"Andrea!" I roared, "You had a four o'clock appointment in my office!"

"Oh! Oh sir!" cried the girl, big tears dripping down her cheeks. "I completely forgot, sir! I'm sorry, sir! I'll come right now!"

She ran for her skirt.

"There will be no need of that, young lady. Just step over here."

"But sir!"

"Now, young lady!"

Sobbing anew, she obeyed. She stood before me, naked and trembling, her skin glistening with wet.

"The rest of you, stay and watch. Since Andrea couldn't make it to my office, I'll administer justice here, in front of her peers."

Andrea looked at me beseechingly, but the despair on her face showed she knew it was hopeless. My mind wasn't to be changed.

"It was just going to be a little caning," I told the naughty girl. "But since you've made me have to search for you, I've decided to first warm your behind with my paddle. Now assume the position!"

The silence in the room was amazing. I could hear every drop of water from the still-spraying showers, the slow breathing of a dozen throats, and the choked sobs of terror from the cringing girl beside me.

Andrea was bent at the waist, damp hands grasping slippery ankles. I noted with admiration her trim body, the sleek skin of her buttocks curving into two perfect hillocks.

Lifting the leather paddle, I proceeded to redden those cheeks with hard, punishing blows. The snap of the paddle on wet skin was loud and frightening within the close confines of the gym locker. Andrea yelped and moaned, but stayed in position. I gave her two dozen whacks.

"Now for the cane. I had planned six, but it shall be eight. Show your friends how to take a caning."

The thrashing was one of my hardest. With an audience I didn't dare go easy on the girl. It would ruin my reputation and inspire misbehavior. I caned her very hard, every stroke leaving a heavy weal. Her buttocks were crimson when I finished. Andrea couldn't stop sobbing.

"Will you remember your appointment next time?"

"Yes sir!"

"Good, then we'll try this again. My office, four o'clock, next Tuesday."

The End