SSC: The Bad Dog 05

Another erotic story from the FLOGMASTER!

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SSC: The Bad Dog 5

(*****, M/f, Intense, spanking)

A girl is spanked by her neighbor. (Approximately 491 words. Originally published 2000-08.)

Two spankings in two days left my bottom raw and sore. I fidgeted when I sat, drawing looks from my parents at dinner. Before bed I studied my naked bottom in the mirror, admiring the red glow and the way a finger poke would briefly turn the skin white.

That night, even more than most nights, I thought of nothing but Mr. Vidinsky. I relived the spanking over and over, remembering his every gesture, the tone of his voice, and the feel of his strong fingers against my skin.

I couldn't understand what I was feeling, or why. But like most children, I didn't reason like an adult. I simply accepted. It troubled me, but I was an adolescent and nearly everything troubled me. All I knew was that I loved Mr. Vidinsky, and I loved it when he took me across his lap, and I loved it when he touched my bare bottom, and I loved the way my bottom felt now, hot and sore and impossibly tender.

A week passed. Slowly. I visited Mr. Vidinsky twice, chatting with him while he worked in his garden. He was always the gentleman and never said a word about our sessions in his study. I was too shy to bring it up myself. Just looking at those powerful gray eyes made me weak in the knees.

I wanted him to take me in for another spanking. My bottom was still sore, but it wasn't bad. It could take another spanking. But there was no knock, no call to his study.

Perhaps Sambo had finally learned.

One morning I waved good-bye to my mom and let Sambo out. Scarcely five minutes later, while I was upstairs in the shower, there was a knock at the door. I wrapped a towel around me and trotted downstairs.

It was Mr. Vidinsky. I was so startled I let go of the towel.

"Hmmm. I see you dressed for me." He walked into the house.

I scrambled after him, ignoring the excited Sambo who'd followed him inside.

He led me into the kitchen, then began fishing around in various drawers. I was so stunned I couldn't speak. I just watched with astonishment, holding the towel against my front, cool air chilling my damp bottom.

"Ah!" he cried, holding up a large plastic spoon. "Just what the doctor ordered." His head turned to me. "You might as well lose that towel, young lady."

There was something in his voice that unnerved me. I dropped the towel without a word. He sat in a chair and I went over his lap.

Throughout the spanking he periodically caressed my bottom with his fingers, but the spanking itself was with that horrible spoon. It stung like fire. I left a puddle of tears on the hardwood kitchen floor.

Then he was gone. I was naked and alone, with a very sore bottom.

The End