SSC: The Bad Dog 10

Another erotic story from the FLOGMASTER!

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SSC: The Bad Dog 10

(*****, M/f, Intense, paddling)

A girl is spanked by her neighbor. (Approximately 495 words. Originally published 2000-08.)

Monday wasn't as terrible as I'd expected. I still felt ennui, a heaviness of the heart. School seemed trivial after such an intense, _adult_ summer.

I looked on with envy at all the old friends reuniting after a summer apart. As expected, I got lost a few times, and I felt foolish when I couldn't get my locker open.

But everyone was friendly. I met several girls who quickly introduced me into their circle. One was a pretty redhead named Amber. She was ridiculously impulsive and blatantly sexual: when she saw me ogling a cute guy she called to him in the hallway and said, "Brad, this is the new chick, Molly. She wants to fuck your brains out!" I thought I was going to die!

I liked my teachers and classes and was feeling pretty good until about two o'clock, when history was interrupted by a messenger. It was a note for _me_ to go to the principal's office!

I departed amidst the catcalls and laughter, wondering what in the world I'd done. Had I broken some unknown rule? I assumed the man just wanted a quick chat to introduce himself, or welcome me to the school, but who knew?

One of the secretaries in the main office took my note and called the principal. She nodded and sent me down a long, lonely corridor. The door at the end was thick and heavy and swung open slowly as I arrived. For some reason I was very nervous as I entered.

The room was spacious and warm, with plush carpet, lots of books, and elegant leather and wood furniture. A well-dressed man stood behind a huge desk a the far end, his back to me. I shut the door, the room deafening in its silence.

The man turned, a stern look on his face. My mouth almost fell off in disbelief. It was Mr. Vidinsky!

He smiled at my shock. "How's your first day at school, Molly?" When I could only nod, he laughed. "I wanted to welcome you."

There was an emphasis on the word welcome that sent a gentle chill through my spine. My ears perked and my heart skipped a few beats. My eyebrows went up.


"Have you been misbehaving on your first day?" he asked.

I started to shake my head, then paused. I saw his eyes had drifted to a large paddle on his desk. My blood froze and I stared: I knew that paddle intimately!

He smiled. "My office is soundproof. It's supposed to keep outside noise out, so I can concentrate, but it's equally effective at keeping inside noise in."

I felt dizzy. My mouth was dry. But there was that familiar warmth between my legs, that eagerness for what I knew would hurt me.

I nodded. "Mrs. Chowder caught me running in the hall."

He smiled and hefted the big wooden paddle.

I was home again.

The End