SSC: Utopia

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SSC: Utopia

(*****, M/F, Intense, sex slavery)

A perfect society. (Approximately 488 words. Originally published 2000-08.)

The "Discovery of the Century," the papers were calling it. Never mind that they also incorrectly assumed the century started this year. Journalists were never known for being factual.

Dr. Rougebuns put down the paper. Paris was beautiful today. He nibbled on the flaky croissant. In moments his life would become impossibly hectic; he'd better enjoy this peace.

He reviewed his lecture notes. First, he'd go over how he'd discovered the tribe. How he'd read the missionary's report and decided to investigate. The village was impossibly remote, only accessible on foot, nestled between two mountains, and surrounded by several fierce cannibalistic tribes. Somehow it had gone undiscovered by anthropologists.

Next he'd cover the usual anthropological stuff: lifestyle, eating habits, etc. But of course he'd spend most of the lecture on what everyone wanted to hear: the secret of their utopia.

Now, half a world away, it seemed unreal. That savages in the middle of a jungle could have a perfect society was absurd. Even more absurd was the nature of that society.

Rece grinned as he thought of how the ultra-conservatives in the States were reacting. This was a slap to the face of traditional morality. Imagine, a whole society based on sexual slavery!

He took another bite of croissant. I'll tell about Eyella, he thought. That will humanize the lecture. He thought of the beautiful girl and his heart pounded. The hours he sat with her, interviewing her about what it was like to grow up knowing you were to be a sexual slave for the entire tribe. The hours she'd spent "practicing" sexual techniques on him!

He'd leave that part out, of course. He was an uninvolved scientist. A strict observer.

Strict, he grinned. That was another thing he missed. Eyella, like all the sex slaves, had craved punishment. He had beaten her frequently, encouraged by her parents.

He went back to his notes. The most beautiful men and women of the tribe were automatically made slaves. From childhood they were trained in sexual techniques and taught to love abuse.

Only the ugly and ordinary married. But since everyone could enjoy the slaves, there was no marital discord, no jealousy, no conflict. No one covets another man's wife -- after all, she's ugly! If your wife doesn't arouse you, use a slave! And if she's upset, she can either thrash the slave in revenge or find a slave of her own.

It was so simple. Instead of being unattainable ideals, the most beautiful people are public property. Gone is uncontrolled lust for movie stars or the gorgeous girl next door. You could marry a decent person instead of a pretty, brainless, stuck-up bitch. Brilliant.

With a sigh, he finished his breakfast and stood. Time to go.

He eyed the stunning French maid he passed in the hall. She didn't even notice him.

Slave, he thought. Definitely born a slave. If only.

The End