SSC: Unexpected Guest

Another erotic story from the FLOGMASTER!

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SSC: Unexpected Guest

(*****, M/F, Intense, paddling)

A principal discovers a seductive student. (Approximately 481 words. Originally published 2000-08.)

Frederick Van Der Houst strolled through the empty corridors with satisfaction. The predawn hours were his favorite. He actually felt in control. Once the chaos of classes, telephone calls, meetings, announcements, pronouncements, decisions, and discipline hearings began it was all he could do to remember to breathe occasionally, let alone pretend he could change anything.

He was pleased he'd beaten his secretary. He should have an hour of uninterrupted silence before Mrs. Schmidt came. He entered his office and began removing his coat. Suddenly he froze. His chair was moving!

"Who's there?" he cried.

He didn't want to appear frightened, but the presence of someone, especially in his private office, unnerved him. He nervously flipped on the light.

Slowly the big leather captain's chair rotated, revealing the buxom figure of a girl. Frederick gasped. It was none other than Cynthia Delores: senior class president, captain of the cheerleaders, yearbook editor, and one sexy babe. For two or three months she'd been flirting with the principal, coming up with excuses to meet with him privately, proposing after school meetings, and even (once) attempting to invite herself over for dinner. It had been tough, but somehow the forty-seven-year-old Frederick had managed to resist the teen's advances.

But more astonishing than her being was at school at five thirty in the morning was the fact that she was naked. Oh, not completely. She wore a man's tie around her neck. It was a wide tie, ocean blue with white seashells and gulls, and it looked amazing nestled between the gentle hillocks of her pale breasts.

Frederick's brain vanished and his lips flapped. "That's my tie," he said, and felt incredibly stupid. Like she didn't know that! Obviously she'd found his spare suit in his closet.

Cynthia smiled and it was like a bright light aimed right at his eyes. He winced and tried to look away, but failed. He could only stare at those red-tipped breasts and that slender, curvy body.

"Do you like it?" she asked.

Again Frederick's lips spoke without him: "Looks a damn sight better than it ever did on me!" He immediately wished the words unsaid.

Cynthia climbed onto the desk. Frederick blinked. He'd seen the distinctive glint of moisture adorning her cute little bush. Had she been _masturbating_ in his chair?!

"Today's my birthday," whispered Cynthia, throwing her arms around his neck. "I'm eighteen. I'm no longer a minor."

For a second Frederick melted and she kissed him.

After a moment, he pushed her away. "You're still a student. I ought to paddle your ass."

"You're the principal," smiled Cynthia.

"You didn't really think this would work, did you?" Frederick took down the big "board of education" from the mantle.

"It couldn't hurt to try."

"Your butt's going to hurt. A lot."

Cynthia sighed blissfully. "Ahhhh. The sacrifices one makes for love...."

The End