SSC: Thorough

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SSC: Thorough

(****, M/F, Severe, paddling, caning)

A girl is thoroughly punished. (Approximately 478 words. Originally published 2000-08.)

"You wanted to see me, sir?"

The fat man eyed the girl grimly. "Ah, Amie Stevens, isn't it?"

"Yes sir."

"You're here for the cane."

The girl cringed and tentatively nodded her bowed head, as though agreement might make the undesirable happen.

"You're new, but you've been caned before?"

"Just once sir."

"I suppose it was a standard 'six-of-the-best?'"

"Four, sir."

"Ah. Well here at St. Marcus we do things differently. We don't believe a few token strokes of the cane is proper discipline. For discipline to be effective punishment must be _thorough_."

Amie's wide eyes flicked nervously from side to side.

"First let's fix that skirt of yours." He quickly and efficiently rolled up the back of Amie's skirt and pinned it at her slender waist. Her face revealed her profound humiliation at being so exposed. Her knickers were white, and nearly transparent as they hugged the plump cheeks of her bum.

Next, Amie was pulled over the big man's lap. She was face down, hands bracing herself against the carpet, her exposed bottom thrust up over the Head's legs. His palm grasped her bumcheeks and squeezed.

"You have a nice full bottom," commented the teacher. "This spanking will take some time, I'm afraid."

Amie yelped as the man's hand smacked her bum. He shushed her, then began spanking nonstop. The girl was surprised at how much it stung. It was nothing like the cane, but it certainly hurt. She gritted her teeth and closed her eyes. Warmth flowed through her buttocks. She could feel her cheeks jiggling with every wallop. On and on it went, hotter and hotter. How much longer could this go?

The eventual pause was short-lived. Her panties were dragged down, exposing her bright pink buttocks, and the spanking resumed with enthusiasm. After the eternity of a quarter of an hour, the Head ordered the girl up.

Amie wiped away her tears and prayed it was over, but the Head was simply fetching a flat wooden board with a stout handle. In seconds Amie was back over the Head's lap, weeping as the slab paddled her bottom into a mass of glowing coals.

Five minutes later Amie was bent across the desk, legs widely spread, and a leather strap was licking at her bare thighs, leaving stingy welts that she knew would be visible beneath her games shorts.

"Now you're ready for the cane," said the Headmaster after several dozen stripes, and Amie began to cry.

The caning was even worst than she'd feared, the slender rod leaving thick juicy weals across her bum and upper thighs. The wounds throbbed and ached mercilessly, and it was all Amie could do to remain in position over the desk.

"There now. That's a _thorough_ thrashing, wouldn't you say?"

Amie was crying too hard to speak, but she heartily agreed.

The End