SSC: The Naive One

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Another erotic story from the FLOGMASTER!

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SSC: The Naive One

(****, M/F, Severe, severe bondage, beating)

A girl stars in a spanking movie. (Approximately 492 words. Originally published 2000-08.)

"She could be the one," whispered Jacob. His partner, Anthony, nodded.

"She's certainly gorgeous. No acting experience, though."

"That's the beauty of _cinema verite_: it doesn't matter."

Anthony nodded. "But will she do it?"

"Don't know. We need a test."

"Yeah. But not her ass. Keep her ass virgin."

Jacob nodded and called the girl over. "Are you *sure* about this?"

Shelby frowned. "I need the money. I'm desperate." She shrugged. "It beats getting fucked in the ass on some street corner."

"My partner and I have narrowed the field to three girls," he lied. "We like you best, but we need some proof of your commitment."

"I already showed you my body. I'm not fucking someone for this job."

"No one's asking." Jacob held up a cane. "Which hand do you write with?"


"Hold out your left. I'm giving you three strokes."

Nervous, the girl obeyed. The cane flashed down, the crack deafening in the small room. Shelby hissed through clenched teeth and rocked on her heels, but kept her hand in position. He struck her twice more, each leaving a crimson welt on her palm. The girl didn't utter a sound.

"Not bad," said Jacob.

"I told you, I got whacked all the time at school. I can take this."

"Then sign this contract and we'll see you at six."

The kidnapping went off without a hitch. Anthony got some footage of Shelby walking along the alley, then he set the camera on a tripod to film as he and Jacob, wearing black masks, chloroformed the girl.

By eight o'clock the trio were back at the warehouse. With Anthony filming, Jacob dragged a bound and gagged and blindfolded Shelby out of the van. Then he stripped her. He simply cut off her clothes with a sharp knife.

Anthony set up two cameras for filming and helped his partner bind Shelby into the stocks. She was helpless. They removed her blindfold, but left the gag. All that was left was the torture.

They began with a routine strapping. They took turns. After a half hour, they'd beaten her ass and legs raw. Jacob poured water over her and they concentrated on her breasts. Nipple clamps and a riding crop soon had Shelby moaning and kicking. The men laughed and played with her pussy. They whipped her crotch and forced her to pee into a bucket. Then they poured the urine over her back and whipped her some more.

Shelby wept and moaned and struggled uselessly. Sweat beaded on her forehead and dripped down her face. Her entire body ached. Breathing hurt. She wanted it to stop, but there was nothing she could do.

"That finishes part one," said Jacob. "Just three parts to go. Things won't get really rough until part four."

Shelby moaned and shook her head frantically. "Stop! I've changed my mind!" she screamed.

But no one could hear her.

The End

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