SSC: The Wedding

Another erotic story from the FLOGMASTER!

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SSC: The Wedding

(*****, M/FFFF, Intense, hairbrushing)

Bridesmaids tempt a groom. (Approximately 491 words. Originally published 2000-08.)


The man turned and saw Alexa beckoning. He followed. In the church's nursery, she closed the door behind them.

Joe stared. All four bridesmaids wore beautiful pink gowns and looked scrumptious.

"What's going on?"

Alexa smiled. "A little surprise." She glanced at the wall clock. "There's an hour before rehearsal starts. Care for a pre-wedding present?"

Cindy winked and began lifting her dress. "None of us is wearing underwear," she whispered.

Melody followed her lead. "See anything you like?"

"Choose one," added Alexa.

Even Carrie, the teenager at nineteen, was looking at Joe with a greedy, lascivious expression.

"You aren't serious!" gasped Joe.

"We've been thinking of this for a long time," said Alexa.

"But... you can't do this!"

"Of course we can," said Melody into Joe's ear. She began kissing his neck.

Joe felt a quartet of hands caressing his body. He almost lost it. He was drowning in the sea of sweet, feminine scents and the closeness of warm bodies. The image of his fiance came to him suddenly and with a roar of outrage he tore himself away from the bridesmaid pack.

"No! It's not right!" he cried. He tried the door, but it was locked. He shouted loudly.

"No one will hear," grinned Alexa. "The nursery's soundproof."

"You girls ought to be ashamed of yourselves!" screamed Joe furiously. "Jen's your best friend!"

"You can't blame us for wanting what Jen has," said Melody, approaching Joe.

"You... you ought to be spanked!" He turned around the lovely Melody and gave her butt a hard swat. She squealed and ran.

"The day before my wedding," moaned Joe, shaking his head. "I have a mind--" He saw the hairbrush where the girls had set up their impromptu beauty salon. In seconds it was in his hand.

He grabbed Cindy and yanked her over the edge of a table. Her skirt went up and he went to town with the brush on her naked ass. She screamed and howled.

Joe laughed. "The room's soundproof!"

Carrie was next, then a squealing Melody. Joe saved Alexa for last and gave her a least a dozen extra, suspecting she was the ringleader. He didn't stop until all four were sobbing.

"Don't any of you dare try that again!" he cried. He snatched the key from Alexa and departed.

* * * * *


"So? Did he take the bait?" asked the future Mrs. Jennifer Rubbins.

The bridesmaids were somber. "Not exactly," muttered Alexa.

"What happened?"

In unison the girls bent over and raised their dresses. Four crimson moons glowed brightly.

"He paddled us," said Alexa. "Said we were naughty to offer."

"My God!" gasped Jennifer, her hands flashing to protect her rump. "If he finds out I was testing him...."

The bridesmaids nodded, wincing as they departed.

Melody gave the bride a hug and a kiss as she passed. "You're a lucky woman," she whispered with a wink.

The End