SSC: The Hypnotist I

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SSC: The Hypnotist I

(****, M/F, Serious, nc spanking)

Where Claudia painfully learns that hypnotism is real. (Approximately 513 words. Originally published 2003-07.)

Part One: Where Claudia painfully learns that hypnotism is real.

"Ooh, look! We must go," cried Julie. The girls were in bikinis, crossing the lobby to the pool, and stopped. A sign anounced a performance by "Bizarro, the World's Greatest Hypnotist" that evening.

"Hypnotism isn't real," chided Claudia.

"I think it sounds like fun," put in Donna.

"It's free for hotel guests," said Amy. "I say we go."

"It's nonsense!" cried Claudia, but she was overruled. As the girls went to the pool, none of them noticed the small wizened man with the thin moustache and thoughtful expression watching.

That evening at eight o'clock the girls were sitting at a table near the front of the ballroom. Claudia was nursing her mango daiquiri and sulking.

"Ladies and gentlemen," called the announcer, "the Adams Hotel is proud to present, the one, the only, the amazing... Bizarro, the world's greatest hypnotist!"

To huge applause, a small man in a tuxedo appeared on stage. He smiled and bowed. "There is someone in this audience who does not believe what I do is real," he began. "Would that someone please come here?"

There was a murmur and everyone looked around. Spotlights flashed and came to rest on Claudia. She stared in amazement, but with the audience encouraging her, reluctantly went forward.

"You don't believe in hypnotism," said Bizarro bluntly.

Claudia shook her head.

"Ah, but you will!" He waved his hands, his fingers dancing before Claudia's eyes. "Tonight I shall hypnotize you."

"Go right ahead," challenged Claudia.

From hidden pockets Bizarro produced multicolor spinning balls which he brought up in front of Claudia, who gazed at them unconvinced. She opened her mouth to say something, but changed her mind. Her brain was sluggish, as though she'd hadn't gotten enough sleep. Sleep, that's what she wanted. She wanted desperately to sleep.

As soon as her eyes were closed, Bizarro began to count backward from ten. When he hit one, he announced, "You will do as I say."

"Yes," said Claudia in a dull voice.

"Good. Remove your skirt."

Obediently, Claudia did, standing there only in high heels, thong panties, and blouse.

"You're a naughty girl, aren't you?"


"What happens to naughty girls?"

Claudia blushed. "They get spanked."

"Exactly. Over my nap naughty girl!"

With no hesitation, Claudia draped herself over the man's lap. He gave her curved bottom a hearty slap that sent the rounds quivering madly. The spanking that followed was intense, really torturing her ass. She yelped and writhed, but didn't protest. After several minutes, he stopped.

"The heat in your bottom feels good," cooed Bizarro.

"Good," agreed Claudia.

"When I snap my fingers, you'll wake up." Snap!

"I told you I can't be hyp--" Claudia stopped, suddenly aware of a draft below. "My skirt!"

The audience laughed. Claudia's scarlet face matched her bum as she sat down.

"Ouch, it must hurt to sit," murmured Amy.

"Huh?" A silly grin covered Claudia's face as she rubbed her butt on the chair. For some reason, it felt delicious.

The End