SSC: The Hypnotist II

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SSC: The Hypnotist II

(****, FF/F, Intense, paddling)

Where the girls discover a diabolic side effect. (Approximately 511 words. Originally published 2003-07.)

Part Two: Where the girls discover a diabolic side effect.

"Harder," moaned the nineteen-year-old blond as she arched her back and presented her naked, crimson bottom. Frowning, Donna slapped Claudia's ass again.

"Shit, this isn't working," muttered Claudia, getting up. Her bare ass waggling, she disappeared into the suite's mini-kitchen and began rumaging through drawers. "Ah!" She emerged holding a wooden breadboard with a handle. "Swat me with this!"

In seconds she was in position again, purring with contentment as stingy spank after stingy spank landed across her butt. After a solid twenty, Donna was getting tired.

"Haven't you had enough?"

Claudia shook her head. "More! Harder!"

Julie stepped forward and took the paddle from Donna. "Let me do the honors for a while." She pulled the paddle back to her shoulder and let it slam into the offered butt. Claudia screamed in surprise, falling forward.

"There!" laughed Julie. "Be careful what you wish--"

"Oh, that was awesome," bubbled Claudia. "Do it again, do it again!"

Julie stared in disbelief. "Again? That hard?"


Reluctantly, the girl complied, and after a dozen like that, Claudia's ass was purple and she was curled into a ball on the sofa. Yet she whined in protest when Julie threw the paddle on the floor.

"Oh, don't stop!"

"I'm tired."

"Me too," added Donna.

"Don't look at me," said Amy as everyone turned to her. "I think this is wacked. Who gets off on getting their ass spanked?"

"Lots of people," said Julie. "It's probably the most common fetish of all." She stopped when she saw the looks of her friends. "Hey, I surf the 'net, that's all." She blushed and took a big sip of her wine cooler. "Besides," she added conspiratorially, "you've got to admit Claudia's got a sweet can for spanking."

The others nodded, glancing at the magnificent cheeks, now magenta and purple. Certainly none of the four were homely, but if there was a standout in the group, it was Claudia. Blond and buxom, she had the voluptuous figure and cute face guys loved. She was a sweet girl and her friends loved her dearly, but deep truth be told, getting a chance to spank her curvy ass was more appealing than any wanted to admit.

"I think something's wrong with her," said Amy in a low voice.

"I told you, it's a common fantasy," said Julie.

"But she's never been this way before. It started when Bizarro spanked her on stage."

The girls reflected on the strange events of the night before, when the famous hypnotist had gotten Claudia to take off her skirt and go over his lap for a long, hard spanking.

"That's it!" exclaimed Donna, snapping her fingers.


"Bizarro. Last night. He told her 'Your sore bottom feels good,' or something like that."


"Don't you see? He never removed that suggestion! Now she thinks a sore bottom feels good!"

"Shit, she's right," muttered Amy.

"That's fucked up," added Julie.

Donna nodded. "Yeah, we've got to help her."

The End