SSC: The Hypnotist IV

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SSC: The Hypnotist IV

(****, FF/FFF, Intense, belting, implied caning)

Where the girls don't realize they were outwitted. (Approximately 514 words. Originally published 2003-07.)

Part Four: Where the girls don't realize they were outwitted.

"Oh, sweet agony, these weals are heaven on earth!" moaned Julie. She was naked in front of the wall mirror, craning her neck over her shoulder to study the series of crisscrossed lines across her butt.

"For a hypnotist, Bizarro knows how to cane," said Amy, undisguised admiration in her voice. "Look at these marks on me, so low, right in the crease. Look how they overlap. This one on the right's juicy, oozing a bit."

"That looks hideously painful," purred Donna, admiring her own striped bottom in the mirror.

"It hurts something awful. I can't wait until I can try sitting on it! That's going to be pure hell."

But of all the lovely bottoms, none matched that of Claudia. The others fell respectfully silent when she presented her ass to the mirror.

Her wide hips gave her an ass of spectacular dimension, the divide between the massive cheeks deep and inviting. She'd been spanked and paddled until her butt was purple. The stellar caning had left her rump covered with dark puffy lines.

"My God, Claudia, you do steal the show," whispered Donna.

"I'm surprised you can walk," added Amy.

Claudia grinned. "It is impressive, isn't it? I feel it, deeply, every time my bottoms shift as I walk. It's bliss!"

There was a sharp slap and all eyes went to Julie's butt, the fresh hand mark still glowing. Tears glittered in her eyes. "Damn," she muttered. Her hands found the opening between her legs and fingered quickly, and she rose on tiptoe as an orgasm rushed through her.

"Oh, lick me!" cried Amy, presenting herself to Julie.

"I must spank you first," said the gal wickedly, and Amy quivered with excitement.

"Yes. Use your leather belt. Whip me hard."

As the dull "thwack! thwack! thwack!" began, Amy undulating under the blows, Donna and Claudia began to argue.

"You spank me."

"No, you spank me!"

"No, _you_ spank _me_!"

After several minutes getting nowhere in this childish game, Claudia suddenly grinned. "Let's spank each other at the same time!"

The two bent over side by side, but facing different directions. To the side of each was the other's bottom, crimson and covered with swollen weals. Even hand spanks were bolts of electricity in this situation, and the two informally competed to see who could smack the hardest. Unfortunately, the game kept being delayed as one or the other would pause for a shivering orgasm.

Meanwhile, Amy had received her licking after her licking, and now she was servicing Julie. With the belt. Every stroke brought forth a stiffled scream, but it didn't occur to either to stop.

Finally, all lay in exhausted heaps on the floor. Their bottoms glowed red, the skin blistered and swollen. But the four girls were smiling as they slept, smiles of intense, extraordinary pleasure.

It wouldn't be too extreme to say that the hypnotist's suggestion had backfired. The girls are sore but happy. And isn't that what we all desire?

The End