SSC: Threadbare

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SSC: Threadbare

(***, M/f, Intense, nc paddling)

A father paddles his daughter's pants off. (Approximately 491 words. Originally published 2006-06.)

Liz was wearing her "punishment" outfit: gray sweat pants used exclusively for her paddlings. When she became a teen it no longer seemed appropriate to spank her bare bottom. The sweat pants provided modesty but little protection. It turned out they also served a psychological role, as just putting on the pants put Liz in punishment mode.

"Please, Daddy," she whined, "you don't have to spank me. I told you it was an accident."

"Cheating is not done by accident!"

"But I didn't mean to see Jeff's paper, it just happened to be there and I saw it. I wasn't _planning_ to cheat."

"That doesn't change the fact that you did copy his answers." I patted my lap firmly.

Liz hesitated. "I swear I only copied one answer. I saw I had the capital of Brazil wrong and I fixed it, that's all!"

"Then this spanking is for that one answer you cheated on."

Liz's full lips morphed into a pout. "But that's not fair!"

"Of course it's fair. You cheated. Now you're going to be spanked."

"But Daddy, I'm too old--"

But I'd had enough. I pulled her across my lap. She was already beginning to cry. Her hands flashed back to protect her bottom.

When I moved her hands away, I was surprised to notice how full her pants were back there. My baby was filling out.

I realized it had been a while since her last paddling. There had been a rebellious streak when Liz turned fourteen -- I paddled her two or three times a month for a while -- but now I rarely had to resort to the hardwood.

Raising the small but heavy paddle in my right hand, I let it land with a heavy thud right across the middle of Liz's left cheek. She screamed and began to fidget. I duplicated the spank on the right cheek, then added another to the left. I spanked hard and fast. Within a minute over twenty wallops had rained down. Liz was howling and kicking, but I held her in position with my left hand.

The paddling lasted a full five minutes. She was sobbing. But I wanted her to learn a thorough lesson so I prepared for one final blistering series. I paused in mid-spank, thinking I was halucinating -- it seemed like Liz's butt was glowing red!

I began the final paddling sequence. I was going hard and fast when Liz's butt burst out from her pants. The long abused, threadbare fabric just gave out and Liz's now womanly bottom burst forth. The skin was an angry pink. Liz was in too much pain to even realize what had happened, but I stopped anyway.

"I hope this is the last spanking I have to give you," I warned. "Because you'll be wearing these same pants next time."

Liz was appropriately horrified at the prospect. I hoped the threat worked.

Postscript: It didn't.

The End