SSC: Rudelphia

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SSC: Rudelphia

(****, Reindeer/Elf, Severe, nc strapping, fun)

The real story of the one who guides Santa's sleigh. (Approximately 503 words. Originally published 2006-01.)

It's an old familiar story. Even the kids know it. How Rudolph the reindeer was a loner with an olfactory organ problem made fun of by the other reindeer who wouldn't let him play in their games until that foggy night that Santa asked him to guide his sleigh, and so on.

But the real story came later. And it's a hellofa lot more fun than that damn Rudolph's story.

Rudolph, see, let his fame go to his head. You never heard that part, right? I thought so. He was Santa's favorite and took advantage of that, lording himself over all the other reindeer and even us elves. He became quite the brat, especially when he was drinking.

You didn't know Rudolph drank? Oh Santa could that reindeer drink! He'd polish off a _case_ of vodka in an hour! And the stories -- lies -- got bigger the more he drank.

He also got mean. He started bossing elves around. He took a shine to a pretty girl he called Rudelphia, because when he was drunk he couldn't pronounce her elf name. He made her his personal slave. He beat her, too. Not anything too vicious, just strappings across her bare bottom. (If you're wondering how a reindeer could spank, he'd bite the strap and whip his head back and forth, delivering surprisingly decent spanks, though not an elegant pattern of marks.)

Us elves were furious, but what could we do? We didn't dare tell Santa -- he hates it when we can't solve our own problems as he's got enough of his own, up to his eyeballs in logistics and all. (It takes him a whole year to plan his route.) Besides, brave Rudelphia insisted we keep quiet. So we held our tongues.

Then came one fateful Christmas. (This was a few centuries after Rudolph's promotion.) Rudolph was impossible the weeks prior, prancing and bragging, showing off that glowing nose of his. He stayed up late partying and drinking. When the call to hitch up came, Rudolph couldn't be found. Santa was furious -- he had an impossible schedule to keep!

I found Rudolph and Rudelphia in a barn. He was really blistering her bottom. It was such a bright scarlet it hurt my eyes. When I told him Santa was waiting, he whipped harder in outrage. Then I saw his nose wasn't glowing. It had shorted out! Too much drinking and partying, the idiot.

"Who's going to guide Santa's sleigh?" he moaned. "I'm ruined! I've ruined Christmas!" His head flailed, causing the leather to strap to slap Rudelphia's plump bottom.

"Wait! That's it!" I cried, and dragged the two to Santa. In five minutes I had Rudolph hitched with a half-naked Rudelphia upside-down over his shoulder, her bare glowing moons lighting up the foggy night sky!

So every Christmas when you see that sleigh with the glowing red light high in the sky, it's not Rudolph -- it's Rudelphia. Her spanked bottom lights up the way and now _she's_ Santa's favorite!

The End