SSC: Oops, Kelly Goes to Jail, Part 1

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SSC: Oops, Kelly Goes to Jail, Part 1

(****, F/F, Intense, nc judicial caning)

A girl ends up in jail. (Approximately 508 words. Originally published 2006-08.)

"What is this? You can't put me in there. That's for _criminals_. This isn't fair! Stop, come back! I have rights! I want my phone call!"

The only response was echoes. Kelly was in jail.

But not alone. Terrified, she gazed at the motley group of prostitutes, drunks, and thieves. "Oh God," she moaned as a tattooed woman in leather approached.

"Whatcha in for?"

Kelly attempted a friendly smile. "I don't know. This is so unfair. I didn't do anything."

The group laughed.

"I didn't! See, I was at this party -- I didn't want to be there, I wanted to study my chemistry, but my roommate insisted, and I think the punch was spiked because I started feeling dizzy, and I went to my car to get an aspirin -- I keep some in my glove compartment -- and this cop showed up and said I shouldn't be driving drunk. I explained I wasn't, and then he started ordering me about, telling me to get out of the car, and he put his hand on my shoulder, so I flipped him. I didn't really _mean_ to, I mean those Judo classes just kicked in, and I told him I was sorry, but then he arrested me and brought me here, and I didn't do _anything_."

"Damn pigs," muttered the woman. "Same thing happened to me." There was a burst of laughter.

Time passed slowly. Kelly dozed, bored beyond belief. She was saved by the arrival of two policewomen. The pretty one looked at the clipboard she was holding. "Is there a Kelly--"

"That's me!" cried Kelly, leaping to the bars. "Let me out, please!"

The woman grinned, her eyes traveling down Kelly's voluptuous body. "As soon as we take of business." She opened the cell and escorted her down the hall. Kelly was weak with relief. Freedom, at last!

"Wait, I thought I could go," said Kelly. The gray cement room was bare. The only adornments were a rack with a dozen long canes and leather straps hanging from it, and a whipping bench in the middle of the room.

"You can go _after_ your flogging," said the pretty policewoman. She took down and cane, swishing it viciously. "Strip."

"But I... you don't understand... I never... Oh God, this isn't happening."

Kelly's naked body trembled as she was fastened to the curved bench, her shapely ass highly presented. The cane whooshed, cracking across her buns. The agony was incomprehensible. Kelly screamed, writhing like a beheaded snake, but the rod kept kissing her ass. Ten strokes. Kelly felt ten years older. Her throbbing buttocks were crisscrossed with thick weals.

"Whipping accomplished." The woman winked at her partner. "Satisfied it was well-done?"

"God yes!" muttered Kelly bitterly.

"Sign here and you can go."

Kelly took the pen. "This says 'Kelly Parker.' I'm Kelly Milinsky."

The pretty blond policewoman snatched the paper, staring at Kelly in horror. "You're not Kelly Parker?"


"Aw, fuck," said the policewoman.

"Oops," said her partner.

The End