SSC: Oops, Kelly Goes to Jail, Part 2

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SSC: Oops, Kelly Goes to Jail, Part 2

(****, F/F, Intense, nc judicial caning)

A policewoman pays for her mistake. (Approximately 512 words. Originally published 2006-08.)

[In part 1, Kelly was mistakenly caned by a pretty policewoman.]

"Double," growled the judge, slamming down her gavel.

Emily gasped. "Your honor, please, it was a mistake--"

The gavel slammed down. "Shut up and say thanks for my mercy!" snapped the judge. "Be grateful this woman is satified with a mere flogging."

Emily couldn't help but look back at the beautiful young lady. That was Kelly Milinsky, the girl Emily had caned by mistake. She was supposed to have thrashed Kelly Parker, but had pulled the wrong girl from the holding cell.

Stupid mistake. Now she was going to pay with double the sentence. Twenty strokes. Ten was murder. Emily didn't know how she was going to survive twenty. Worse, the Kelly girl was going to be there to watch.

In the punishment room, Emily slowly undressed. Her face was crimson. She was undressing before two of her colleagues and Kelly. She wanted to hide her nakedness, but that was not permited. She felt their eyes eating her as she bent across the whipping bench. Her bare ass stuck rudely up in the air, her head low. It made her feel like she was all buttock.

The cane hissed and sizzled across her bare, presented haunches. Emily gasped and threw her head, her blond hair dancing. Each time the rod cracked down, Emily reacted, writhing and gasping, her body tense with her agony. Slowly the weals mounted across her rear cheeks, thick crimson wounds with purplish tips. After five Emily was sweating. After ten she was moaning, her eyes flashing to the watching young woman, whose eyes were large with excitement. By fifteen Emily was shuddering uncontrollably, sobbing and begging for mercy that would not come.

Then Emily's mind filled with the memory of Kelly's full bottom quivering as a purple lash rose across the flesh and she grinned despite her pain. Such a splendid ass, and it took the cane so beautifully. As the rod cracked down again, Emily scarcely felt it; she imagined she was thrashing Kelly again.

Emily's ass was crisscrossed with scarlet and purple stripes when she was released, her legs trembling as she tried to stand. She locked eyes with the beautiful Kelly Milinksy who was watching her in awe and triumph.

Her colleages gone, Emily leaned toward the other girl. "Did you enjoy that, slut? Did you enjoy seeing my bare ass wealed as you watched?"

Kelly flushed. "You deserved it, you bitch."

"You're the one who was so eager to escape the cell that you came running before I even read your full name."

"You said 'Kelly' and I said that was me."

"Yeah, so how's that my fault? Haven't you ever made a mistake?"

Kelly writhed with embarrassment, her face pink. "You could have explained that to the judge."

"So could you."

There was a long pause. Then Emily grinned. "To thrash your splendid behind... it was worth it."

Kelly gasped, a smile blossoming. "You slut!"


Then they were kissing.

The End