SSC: Homecoming

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SSC: Homecoming

(****, F/F, Intense, cons birching)

A woman returns home to visit her former governess. (Approximately 501 words. Originally published 2006-06.)

"It's so good to see you!" cried the girl, throwing her arms around the woman.

"I want to hear _everything_." The two headed off on a walk around the grounds, heads together, chatting like birds.

The beautiful ladies could have been mother and daughter. The woman was taller, with long brown hair and full breasts and hips. The girl was petite with long dark hair. But the older woman was only ten years older than the junior; Miss Holden had been Mary's governess since the child was eight years old and she herself only eighteen.

The two walked the grounds for an hour, reminiscing, Mary telling stories about her new life in the city. "Oh, I missed you terribly," she said finally.

"Surely you made new friends at school," countered the woman.

The girl nodded. "Yes, but it's not the same."

"What do you mean?"

The fine features of Mary's face crinkled in confusion. "I--" she stopped. "You were both a friend _and_ a mother to me." She paused, giving her words weight. "At school I have only friends."

Miss Holden smiled. "You need a _mother_."

The response was scarcely a whisper. "Yes."

"You've been naughty."

Mary couldn't speak: she nodded, staring at the ground. She didn't protest when the women grabbed her by the arm and led her deep into the wooded area behind the gardens. She didn't say anything as Miss Holden calmly collected several birch rods and bound them into a bundle with a ribbon from her hair.

"Remove your dress."

In a moment the young lady was nude. The globes of her buttocks were pert and firm, the skin smooth and flawless. She didn't cry out when the first blow arrived. In less than a minute her skin was crisscrossed with magenta lines. She moaned as the pain intensified. The birch lashed across her hinds again and again until it was useless, broken twigs that had lost the battle against youthful flesh, but not without a price: the buttocks, so fair moments earlier, were now battered raw and blistered with weals.

With a deep sigh, Mary rose and dove her face into the skirts of her teacher and mentor, quickly finding the woman's most stimulating place with the expertise of long experience. When Miss Holden was done, she returned the favor; afterward both pretty ladies sat gazing at each other with bemused contentment.

"I've missed that," murmured Mary sadly.

"I shouldn't think a girl with a bottom like yours would have much trouble finding someone to smack it," said the governess, teasing Mary's hair.

At the mansion, Lord Kennington was waiting on the steps when the girls returned. After kissing his daughter and sending her inside, his black eyes met Miss Holden's. He bent low and growled in her ear, "Naughty girl! You think I don't know what you were doing? Your arse will pay with my rod tonight."

The woman's eyes flashed passion. "I can only dream of it, sir!"

The End