SSC: Jealousy

Another erotic story from the FLOGMASTER!

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SSC: Jealousy

(****, F/F, Intense, semi-cons paddling)

A girl plots to win a beauty contest. (Approximately 497 words. Originally published 2006-12.)

"And our next finalist is... Miss Erica Von Peters!"

An elegantly constructed skinny blonde girl stepped onto the stage to take her place next to the others in the line. She openly glared down her royal nose at the other competitors.

"And last but not least we have Miss Maggie Henry!"

The girl that emerged was hearty and healthily built, with strong thighs and a wide friendly smile empty of guile. She waved to the applauding audience and her took position next to Erica, who was frowning at the clapping's increased enthusiasm.

"Now we'll have the contestants change into something less formal for our interviews, followed by the swimsuit competition."

Backstage, the girls quickly shucked off their gowns and tugged on skintight jeans. Maureen was the first girl called, and she went out nervously, a bead of sweat on her forehead.

Erica strolled over to Maggie who was in bra and tight farmer's blue jeans, standing in front of her mirror and checking her make-up. The blonde's fake smile was large and overdone. "The judges don't actually care about the interview, you know," she confided in a soft whisper.

Maggie's eyes went wide. "Really? But I thought it was twenty-five percent of our score."

"Oh sure, the _event_ is, but what I mean is they don't judge by what you say. It's all about how good you look in those jeans. They must be tight and really show off your figure."

"Oh." Maggie looked nervous.

Erica glanced around furtively, making sure they weren't overheard. "You want a tip? I shouldn't tell you this, but I know it's your first competition and it's something the pros all know about."

"Oh I'd be ever so grateful!" gushed Maggie.

In an empty back room Erica arrives holding a hefty wooden paddle.

"What's that for?"

"To spank your ass."


"It makes the butt swell up, you know? A hard paddling and those cheeks will get really tight. Trust me, it's what all the top pros do."

Reluctantly the farmer girl bent over and suffered having her big ass paddled. Erica didn't hold back either, but walloped as hard as she could, and she didn't stop until fifty whacks had been delivered.

Maggie's flushed face glowed radiantly. The paddling had calmed her nerves and she answered the judges' questions from the heart. Her swollen butt looked fabulous in the jeans and she knew it.

But disaster was waiting in the swimsuit competition: the scarlet cheeks of Maggie's paddled rump were clearly visible in the skimpy swimsuit. There was nothing for it but to go out bravely as though nothing was wrong, and that's what she did, stalking the runway with a beaming smile, ignoring the gasps from the audience.

The judges loved her. The decision was unanimous. Erica cursed as she was handed the second place sash and glared at Maggie.

"Thanks for that tip," whispered Maggie. "Without your help I doubt I would have won!"

The End