SSC: The Parlor Game

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SSC: The Parlor Game

(***, M/F, Intense, semi-cons caning)

Party-goers play a 'guess the number of strokes' game. (Approximately 494 words. Originally published 2006-08.)

There were six couples at the party, and after the pre-dinner cocktails, the dinner wine, the dessert aperitif, champagne, and the after-dinner drinks, everyone was relaxed and giggly, in the ideal mood for a naughty parlor game. Lots were drawn and the draw fell to Jake and Jana, and she drew the short straw.

With a last kiss to his wife, Jake was blindfolded and earmuffed, and taken to a sound-proofed room at the other end of the house. A stereo was turned up loud and Dennis stood guard, making sure Jake couldn't hear was what happening downstairs.

What was happening was Jana screaming. She was naked, bent over the back of a sofa, and the host, Ryan, was busy applying stroke after stroke across her pert bare ass with a long wooden cane. He worked hard to overlap the strokes and confuse the picture he was creating, striking the same place over and over. Jana moaned and kicked, and several of the women held her down. Jana's ass went from a smooth pearly white to a battered mess of purple stripes and inky black weals.

After delivering more than twelve and less than forty, Ryan stopped, deciding he'd done enough. Jana was released, rising to nurse her poor backside with tears and sobs. Jake was brought downstairs, blinking in confusion at his sudden return to light.

"All yours," said Ryan with a grin, and presented Jana. Jake stepped forward and began to study his wife's ass. He had exactly five minutes to guess the exact number of strokes she'd received. It was a complicated mystery, with so many of the weals crisscrossing and overlapping.

The worst part was the pressure. Jake had to be exact. If he guessed correctly, he'd be allowed to give each person at the party (including his poor wife) six strokes with the cane. But if he guessed wrong, it'd be him receiving six from every person... including his wife!

With a deep breath Jake says, "Twenty-nine!"

How did Jake do? Well, that's up to you. Which version would you prefer? Take your pick:

*** Jake Guesses Correctly ***

There were astonished groans from the party-goers, but everyone obediently took their turn stripping and bending for the cane. The six strokes weren't unbearable, but Jake laid them on as hard as he could and all the horny partygoers went home with sizzling buns. Even Jake, who good naturedly took a dozen from Jana. The two would have a long, exhaustive night.

*** Jakes Guesses Incorrectly ***

There was laughter and applause and Jake's heart sank. Ruefully, he stripped, and by the fifth person to attack his ass with six cruel strokes he wasn't aware of anything but agony. By the time the sixty-sixth blow fell, Jake's buttocks were thrashed beyond recognition. Fortunately, Jana was there to comfort him, equally desperate for some comforting herself. The two would have a long, exhaustive night.

The End