SSC: Vee

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Another erotic story from the FLOGMASTER!

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SSC: Vee

(****, M/F, Serious, implied spanking)

A girl's bottom is described. (Approximately 465 words. Originally published 2006-01.)

It is the "Vee" I adore. That amazing valley nestled between the buttocks. Some girls have too much separation between the cheeks; the valley is nonexistent. Some girls have two cheeks mashed up against each other like two slices of bread with nothing in between.

No, the perfect bottom has just the right amount of valley. It should begin with a slight hollow at the top as it comes down off the small of the back. The hollow is wide and narrows, like a funnel, as the mounds of the buttocks begin to swell. Then the valley becomes slender, scarcely more than a groove, as it travels between the magnificent rounds towering on either side. Talk about a Grand Canyon. This is it.

At the base of the buttocks, we have an upside-down Vee. Now the valley begins to widen. On a good bottom it widens quickly, with deep outward curves right into the base where buttock joins thigh, exposing the plump sex fruit between the legs. The flesh of the buttocks here is the most succulent of all, rich and fatty, quivering with wondrous sensuality.

It is marvelous, this posterior. The thighs are creamy and smooth, the thick buttock flesh taut as it bulges obscenely. But everything, of course, is focused on the Vee. It is the Vee that defines the twin rounds. It is the Vee that exposes and hides, the Vee that teases, the Vee that offers us secret, naughty delights.

Everything that is woman, is in the Vee. It is there she hides her heart. Is she open or closed? Is she willing or reluctant? Is she brazen or shy? Her secrets are all exposed within the Vee.

Spank her bottom and watch that Vee wink. Her buttocks will quiver and dance, the flesh turning hot pink from harsh slaps, and the Vee will widen and contract, giving you flashes of feminine charms. This is woman at her core, woman at her most private. The secrets here are the most secret of all.

Yet during a spanking, the woman reveals all. Nothing is secret. Hot sting is the key to this lock. It's not merely pain, for pain won't break an earnest heart. No, this is a special kind of pain in a special place. It's pain spiced with pleasure, or perhaps it's the other way around. Either way, spank that ass and watch the Vee reveal all.

She'll bend, spread her legs, writhe, bounce, quiver, and dance, and every contortion and gyration will reveal more of her secrets.

She is beautiful, this bottom, this woman. She may not always believe it. She may have doubts. she may wonder, but in this upsidedown position, buttocks pink from spanking, the Vee tells the truth.

She is gorgeous.

The End

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